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Der Betreiber des Airports London Heathrow muss wegen einer marktbeherrschenden Position zwei kleinere Flughafen abgeben. Nach einem nun bereits uber zwei Jahre andauernden Streit vor Gericht, muss der britische Flughafenbetreiber BAA nun doch London Stansted, sowie anschlie?end entweder den Flughafen Glasgow oder jenen in Edinburgh verkaufen, das berichtete die britische Zeitung „The Independent“ am Dienstag. Trotz dieses vermeintlich finalen Gerichtsurteils, plant das Unternehmen noch einmal in Berufung zu gehen. Biometrics refers to the methods used to confirm the identity of an individual person, based on a physical or behavioural characteristic. The use of biometrics at UK airports has become more common and can allow passengers a ‘fast track’ through airport security.
The Iris Recognition Immigration System (IRIS) is a form of biometrics that identifies a person by the individual pattern of the iris in their eye and is used as a method of border control. IRIS is currently operating at all five Heathrow terminals and both North and South Gatwick terminals. To enrol in the IRIS scheme, a special video camera will take an image of the passenger’s iris. Once enrolled in the IRIS scheme, can have their identity verified in seconds each time they arrive at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport by glancing into a camera in the designated IRIS booth.
Permitted to enter or remain in the UK for more than six months and have more than two months left of their leave to enter or remain.
A short-term visitor to the UK and can demonstrate they have been granted leave to enter the UK as a visitor on at least two occasions in the last six months, or four occasions in the last 12 months.
With the introduction of common departure lounges for international and domestic passengers, Heathrow Terminals 1 and 5 are also utilising biometric technology to ensure that a transferring international passenger cannot swap travel documents with a domestic passenger in order to evade immigration control.
Passengers departing on a domestic flight, or transferring from an international to a domestic flight, will be photographed before they pass through Immigration.
Unlike conventional People Movers, Automated Road Vehicles (ARVs) steer themselves without mechanical constraint. Yamaha Floriade Vehicle - approximately 25 vehicles were operational during the summer of 2002 as part of the Floriade horticultural show held every ten years in the Netherlands. Toyota IMTS Bus on Awaji Island - two buses, both driverless, operate in platoon formation at a theme park on Awaji Island, Japan. Toyota IMTS Bus at Expo 2005 - began service March 25, 2005 and operated for six months during Expo 2005 in Japan. ParkShuttle II - began automated service December 2005 to the Rivium business park outside of Rotterdam.
ULTra Personal Rapid Transit - currently running on a one kilometer test track with both elevated and at-grade sections at Cardiff, Wales in the UK.
Jan 11, 2014 - Possible Automated Transit Networks for Montgomery County, Maryland were presented at a meeting of the Advanced Transit Association. Aug 21, 2013 - A YouTube video shows clear and informative images of Masdar driverless vehicles for about 4 minutes starting 40 min 30 sec in. Jun 18, 2013 - Martin Lowson, the developer of the Ultra automated vehicle system, has passed away.
Jan 13, 2013 - A presentation describing the control system for a scale model Personal Rapid Transit vehicle was given at the annual technical meeting of the Advanced Transit Association in College Park, Maryland. Sep 25, 2012 - Ultra Global PRT announced that their 4-passenger pods at London's Heathrow airport have carried "nearly 500,000" passengers since starting service in April 2011.
Jan 21, 2012 - A presentation describing a scale model Personal Rapid Transit system was given at the annual technical meeting of the Advanced Transit Association in College Park, Maryland. Dec 15, 2011 - Contract awarded for a 200-vehicle Personal Rapid Transit system in Amritsar, India.
Dec 9, 2011 - The automated vehicle systems at Heathrow Airport, London and Masdar, Abu Dhabi have each carried over 200,000 passengers. Aug 25, 2011 - The four-passenger driverless "pods" at London's Heathrow airport are currently carrying about 800 passengers a day. July 8, 2011 - The ULTra automated vehicle system at London's Heathrow airport has apparently entered full passenger service.
May 16, 2011 - Numerous updates have been made to the 2getthere company web site, including new information on the Masdar Personal Rapid Transit system. Apr 19, 2011 - The ULTra automated vehicle system at London's Heathrow airport has begun a three week trial during which the general public can ride 4-passenger "pods" between Terminal 5 and a remote parking lot. Jan 26, 2011 - More rider videos of Masdar's Personal Rapid Transit System have become available.
Jan 23, 2011 - Presentation about a scale model Personal Rapid Transit system was given at the annual technical meeting of the Advanced Transit Association in Washington, DC.

Oct 19, 2010 - The ULTra Personal Rapid Transit system at London's Heathrow airport began its most extensive live trial thus far. Sept 26, 2010 - NY Times article describes Masdar, Abu Dhabi, and its Personal Rapid Transit system. Jan 10, 2010 - Presentation on Scale Model Automated Road Vehicle was given at the annual technical meeting of the Advanced Transit Association in College Park, MD. Sept 5, 2009 - The opening of the ULTra system at London's Heathrow airport has been delayed.
Apr 29, 2009 - Information about the 6-passenger CyberCab vehicle for Masdar, Abu Dhabi was recently added to the 2getthere web site. Apr 25, 2009 - A number of videos posted on YouTube show the ULTra system at Heathrow airport, London (via Kinetic Network PRT). Jan 19, 2009 - Photos of Masdar Automated Road Vehicle have been posted on Flickr (via Kinetic Network PRT). Jan 11, 2009 - Presentation on Initial Applications for Automated Vehicles on Exclusive Roadways was given at the annual technical meeting of the Advanced Transit Association in Washington, DC. Dec 23, 2008 - Possible Automated Road Vehicle application for College Park, Md has been updated with more detail added. Dec 6, 2008 - Video spotted on YouTube showing tests of the ParkShuttle driverless minibus near Rotterdam during the first half of 2008. Nov 17, 2008 - Model of possible Automated Road Vehicle for Masdar, Abu Dhabi, spotted on Flickr (from Kinetic Network PRT). June 20, 2008 - Web page on Automated Microbus stations has been updated to describe how vehicles can resolve conflicts without central control. May 6, 2008 - National Public Radio web page includes a video showing an Automated Road Vehicle system planned for Masdar, Abu Dhabi. Feb 22, 2008 - The presentation mentioned in the Jan 12, 2008 entry below is now available online.
Jan 22, 2008 - New photos and videos show details of the ULTra system under construction at Heathrow Airport, London.
Jan 12, 2008 - The Advanced Transit Association's annual technical meeting will include a presentation on one approach to operating automated road vehicles. Nov 7, 2007 - Presentation on CityMobil project describes several European applications of automated road vehicles. Sept 19, 2007 - Meeting on Personal Rapid Transit standards in Minneapolis, MN sponsored by the Advanced Transit Association. May 2007 - Morgantown, WV seminar included a presentation on using small automated road vehicles as a feeder system for the existing PRT system. March 2007 - 2getthere launches its new web site featuring the ParkShuttle driverless minibus and the CyberCab PRT vehicle. March 2007 - Layout for a generic, at-grade, Automated Microbus system to provide area coverage. January 2007 - Revised web page describing possible North Bethesda, Md Automated Microbus system.
July 2006 - Connexxion, the operator of the ParkShuttle driverless minibus system near Rotterdam, announced that service will resume in February 2007.
June 2006 - More details released on system of 4-passenger ARVs to start operation at Heathrow airport in 2008. January 2006 - Annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC included Session 732 on Automated Road Vehicles.
January 2006 - Advanced Transit Association Technical Seminar in McLean, VA included presentation on recent ARV developments.
December 2005 - Prime Minister Balkenende of the Netherlands rides the ParkShuttle driverless minibus to inaugurate public service in a suburb of Rotterdam. November 2005 - BAA announces that ULTra 4-passenger ARVs will begin operation at London's Heathrow airport in 2008. Trump says he was 'really surprised' that House Speaker Paul Ryan refused to endorse him and mocks all the Republicans saying they won't be his running mate even though they were never asked! New airport X-ray machine at BAA airports will detect explosives in hand luggageLast updated at 14:58 26 September 2007A new X-ray screening machine that can detect explosives and liquids in hand luggage is to be introduced at Britain's main airports, it was announced today.
Mark Bullock, managing director of BAA Heathrow, said of the new X-ray machine: "It takes more views of the (inside) of the bag.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A number of passengers at Heathrow's Terminal 5 have been prevented from boarding their planes after a mechanical fault was reported on the baggage system.

Flights from the terminal were departing with hand baggage only after BAA suspended check-in of hold luggage while efforts were made to fix the problem. Bereits im Jahre 2009 hatte das Unternehmen, das in spanischer Hand ist, den Airport Gatwick an den US-Investor Global Infrastructure Partners abgeben mussen, um den Auflagen der Wettbewerbskommission nachzukommen. Die BAA verwaltet in Gro?britannien neben den angesprochenen Airport noch die Flughafen in Aberdeen, Southampton und London Heathrow.
A photograph is taken of the eye and then converted into a digital code which is then compared to a database of codes when the eye is scanned at the IRIS both in the immigration arrival hall. The trials, using the JetStreamTM product were the first time that iris recognition technology was tested at a UK airport. Around 512 bytes of digital pattern data is extracted from the image, digitally encoded, sorted and later compared with the person's iris on entering the immigration hall. The iris pattern is compared with the stored digital code and if the details match, a ticket is printed and a barrier opens, allowing them to enter the UK. Home Office Immigration officers record your passport information and UK immigration status on a database, along with a photograph of the unique iris patterns of your eyes.
This data is then encrypted for security and when it's time to board, the photograph will be checked by security staff. The system consists of 21 4-passenger, battery powered vehicles running on an exclusive guideway.
It requires PowerPoint 10 or the free Microsoft viewer to run, since it includes embedded videos.
The passengers are retail employees at Terminal 5 who will use the system's 4-passenger vehicles as part of their commute to work. Various facts, figures and photos can be found by looking at the sub-menus under the Vehicle menu in the Personal Transit section. Instead it was developed by 2getthere, although it does not look like the PRT computer image on their web site.
In a 10-year deal worth at least A?20 million, BAA is replacing all existing X-ray screening systems for hand luggage at its seven airports with the aTiX system from Smiths Detection - part of the Smiths Group. The aTiX system uses computerised machines that take multiple views of a carry-on bag in the time it takes existing technology to show a single view. It provides a much clearer image." But he said time taken going through security would be about the same as staff also have to scrutinise passengers.
Den geforderten Verkauf von zwei weiteren Flughafen hatte die British Airport Authority bisher verzogern konnen. Since this successful trial, IRIS was officially launched at Heathrow in 2006 and Gatwick in 2007 and is now used in all five Heathrow terminals and also in both North and South Gatwick terminals. One station is next to Terminal 5, and the other two are in a surface parking lot a little over a mile (1.6 km) away. BAA, the world's largest airport company, will use 21 ULTra vehicles to begin service between a terminal and a car park at London's Heathrow airport in 2011. The system, which stands for Advanced Threat Identification X-ray, will be installed at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
Smiths Detection will also provide automatic tray return systems to minimise operator handling, speed the movement of non-threat bags and divert others down a separate channel for further investigation.
BAA hopes their investment will help persuade ministers to drop the restriction of one item of hand luggage for each passenger. The company's managing director, Stephen Phipson, said: "This is an important contract that will have global implications for aviation security. BAA has taken a lead." The announcement came as BAA today prepared to show off the new security system at Heathrow Terminal Five, which will open in six months. Meanwhile, Heathrow faces at least five more years of disruption as BAA bosses turn the heart of the airport into a huge building site. Demolition work on Terminal Two and the Queen's Building is scheduled to begin next spring. They will be replaced by a A?1.5 billion new terminal called Heathrow East, capable of handling 30 million passengers a year by 2012.

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