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Ahead of the trial, the low-cost carrier's at-airport fees for checking in a bag have also decreased from $70 to $50 on all Australian domestic flights, although it remains cheaper to pre-purchase a bag via the Jetstar website before arriving at the check-in counter. A Jetstar spokesman told Australian Business Traveller that the airline has "introduced these roles and reduced the (airport checked baggage) fee to help change customer behaviour.
Australian Business Traveller also understands that Jetstar is looking to reduce its cabin baggage allowance from 10kg to 7kg per piece, bringing it in line with all other major Australian carriers. Currently, travellers can check-in online or at an airport kiosk, and if jetting off without a checked bag, the gate lounge is usually the first place they interact with a Jetstar staff member. A Jetstar spokesperson told Australian Business Traveller that “to make the air fair for all of our customers, we want to make sure that everyone is compliant with our carry-on baggage allowance. Travellers who attempt to sneak excess carry-on baggage into the aircraft cabin will have their bags placed in the aircraft hold in line with the checked baggage allowance that they have purchased.
Those who tried to get away with buying a 'carry-on only' fare will rightly have to cough up extra for their newly-checked baggage at the prevailing airport rates, which is generally higher than what you'd pay online.
Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine!
It seems Jetstar have been doing this for a while, at least from my observation of a boarding Jetstar flight at OOL last year (I was waiting to shortly board a VA flight using the same gate door). Personally I dont have an issue with this however I think the size of the suitcase more then the weight is the problem. I think all airlines should do it in my opinion, particularly when a bag is blatantly oversized to be in the cabin.
I think because the VA domestic J cabin is generally only a few rows on the narrow bodies, it's very easy for the cabin crew at the forward galley to keep an eye on what people are doing, hence the effective policing. Totally agree, some of the backpacks brought on board are huge and as said seen them stuffed into both J & Y lockers, many with straps hanging out, its wrong. Saw an article on RyanAir the other day that said their ground team will specifically target carry-on baage when the flight is full (more than 140 of 180 seats) as otherwise they know departure is at a high chance of delay as people cant fit their bags in the overhead.
The bag fits fine in the overhead lockers and at least on the flights I'm on it's never full because of me. Don't know why everyone is commeting negatively on this, I completely agree, enforce the size but don't go after the weight. In the end, you'll save yourself time because some hapless passenger won't be wandering around trying to find a space for their bag and delaying take-off.
I travel domestically in North America and endure delayed departures all too often caused by passengers being unable to get seated because they're trying to find space for their carry-on in overhead bins crammed with oversized bags!
Now this is something all airlines should be doing, rigourously enforcing carry-on limits so we no longer have a few selfish people stealing overhead locker space from the rest of us!
2) the weight is unimportant, however each traveller must be able to place it, unassisted into the overhead locker. This is a very effective system because it is so easy to understand, but still allows flexibility for the traveller. Last year in South America, the airport baggage police are always in the departure lounges.

If a bag is grossly oversized then it is obvious at the check-in or the gate & easily spotted. A cynic might say that this was a scam, a very, very generous person might give the benefit of the doubt. The jetstar model is failing, they are reducing flights, the flights are underbooked, so they are using this as a means to increase revenue.
Anybody else get the Qantas survey this week asking for your opion re onboard baggage limits? Qantas can't even get my bag out on the carousel in the first 100 even when it has a "Priority" tag on it. American Tourister Suitcase This line of luggage will make anyone smile while packing, due to its bright cheerful colors.. Component Hardware Group Annual ReportComponent hardware group annual report new niceness laws on some quotes noel. Red 7 Piece Travel Set Provides Lots of Versatile Packing Options This Red American Tourister 7 Piece Set looks as good as it performs. Red American Tourister 7 Piece Set delivers high performance and a sleek modern look Seven different sized pieces offer versatile packing options You can go carry-on only or travel with plenty of your belongings Each piece is designed for different packing needs Durable zipper closures to keep bags securely fastened 19'x14'x7' upright weighs 8 lbs. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
They had scales and tape measures at the gate door, and where walking up and down the queued boarding lane pulling people out to their hand luggage checked, with quite a few bags being tagged and transferred to the baggage handlers for putting in the hold. VA also the ones that stand between the J and Y cabin on arrival at the gate, to let the J cabin empty first before clearing Y through. Last thing I'd need though is a flight attendent trying to frogmarch my bag off to the hull!
That always frustrates me, a max-carry-on size luggage is already 3kg in weight completely empty. So axe does bloody weight limits, go for the BA one (which seems to be safe enough, never heard of carry on incidents over there, nor of any with other airlines offering up to 23 kg).
Why should I check in my bags and pay when selfish people take oversized bags and back packs, it slows the loading unloading while they struggle to put their bags in lockers and get them down when landed then they also don't have to wait at carousel belt like I do.
Quite honestly in 30 years travelling for work, I have rarely been really put out or seriously inconvienced by oversized carry on baggage. What we are talking about here is, dispite all the claims otherwise, a grab for cash by the airlines. Even ryanair the most parsimonious of airlines is softening its mean-spirited approach to their customers. Good Shopping on-line Luggage Set Spinner at Clearance and Outlet Store.I am so excited to have found my new favorite piece of luggage!
They weren't taking excuses, and were being steadfast in maintaining the often unenforced hand luggage rules.

You stuff in two weekend outfits, runners and dress shoes, toiletries, a bottle of wine as a gift, your laptop, voila you've got more than 5kg right there in items and your total is over the limit. It was horrendous because pax couldn't cope with the 30-minute check-in close; lying on the floor kicking and screaming. QF allowing 7 kg of carry on, BA up to 23 kg - as long as one can put it in the overhead bin himself. They are the ones who instituted online check-in to save money by reducing staff & the result is less eyes on luggage at check in.
It will cause angst - but be to the benefit of those who follow the rules and are considerate of other passengers. If you have documents or god forbid hardcover books then no chance.I know Jetstar - and actually at MEL the international security randomly weigh carry-on bags - say anything over 7kg is a hazard, when Boeing itself has said each bin can hold legally 45kg - and each bin is designed for 3 bags, so that means 15kg a bag. No problems are encountered at check in, and unless the airline wants to police what happens at the gate, there are no further problems, either. Each piece is made to accomodate different packing needs so you're never at a loss for the perfect piece of luggage.
All have durable zipper closures and the mobile cases feature in-line wheels for easy movement. If I'm gone for an extended weekend, I don't want to have the hassle of checking a bag, even if I weren't paying for it flying QF, yet the 7kg weight limit seems arbitrarily low.. Good Shopping on-line Luggage Set at Clearance and Outlet Store…Are you finding the shop which is offering best price of American Tourister Luggage Splash 21 Upright Suitcase, Turquoise, 21 Inch? Component hardware group annual report material through ancient writings there thus easily.
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