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In a 12-month period, the top airlines collected a total of $3.1 billion dollars in baggage fees. When the DoT started a move to mandate that airlines refund baggage handling fees for baggage issues, the airlines’ trade group was quick to raise objections. The airline trade group, representing most of the nation’s largest airlines, tried everything to prevent that mandate including the claim that any refunds would only raise fares for everyone. Consumers were quick to notice which airlines add extra charges and which airline made it a policy (aka business rule) not to charge those extra fees.
Some airline fee supporters have tried to point out the amount of “missed fee revenue” of Southwest’s business approach.

But what should consumers expect when airlines do not live up to the expectations and services associated to those fees? The airlines were trying to create public policy with the creation of their internal business policies (aka business rules).
May ChanChicago Business Architecture ExaminerAs a certified business architect, May believes that any business vision has a good chance to succeed with the right business foundation, strategy and action in place.
Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam booed by fellow inmates upon reaching jailThe man accused of being the "brains" behind the Paris terror attacks that killed 137 last November was jeered by other inmates upon his arrival at a French prison late Wednesday. If your luggage is damaged, or does not arrive with you, it is very important that you report the problem in person to an airline representative (office or ticket counter) immediately.

At the airport, airline personnel will give you important phone and tracking numbers that will be useful in locating your lost baggage.
Please note: You will encounter significant delays retrieving your bags if you leave the airport without reporting the loss to airline personnel at the airport. Go directly to the Southwest baggage service office located at the lower level baggage claim area.

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