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In our American Airlines baggage fees table below, be sure to read the baggage, size & weight details of each baggage type.
The main point that you need to pay the most consideration to is if one baggage can be charged multiple fees. You will pay only for two standard American Airlines baggage fees, but will dodge the American Airlines overweight fees, which are usually more expensive. Make sure to view either American Airlines Domestic baggage fees or American Airlines International baggage fees. American Airlines baggage sizes are defined by inches, which is Width + Height + Depth of the baggage.

If your baggage is overweight, for example, most airlines will try to charge you the standard fee + the overweight fee.
As you know airlines can be a unpredictable with baggage fees policies which are constantly altering, be sure to check back each time you fly with American Airlines. The Airways logo is protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcasted without the prior written permission of Airways International, Inc.
19, 2010)Baggage handlers say the system gets passengers and their baggage in the air and headed to their destinations faster. All photos, unless otherwise noted, are the property of Airchive & AirwaysNews and may not be reproduced without consent.

Majority of airlines companies allow you to purchase baggage before your flight at a cheaper price.
It can save you some money but just be mindful all pre-paid baggage purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. While every care is taken to ensure that the content of Airways is completely accurate, the publisher cannot accept liability for errors and omissions.

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