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Security regulations now require that each checked bag must have external identification with the ticketed passenger's name for cross-checking against the passenger manifest. In general, carry-on baggage must fit under your airline seat or in the overhead compartments. While "low-cost" Spirit Airlines may be leading airlines on a race to the bottom (with "optional" fees like the mandatory $2 Unintended Consequences of DOT Regulations Fee or mandatory $10 ticket booking fee), Alaska Airlines will soon become the first airline to charge first class passengers to check their bags.
Starting on July 10th, Alaska will charge non-elite passengers who have upgraded to first class (those booked into U-Class) $20 to check a bag. While this new policy will not affect first class award tickets and could have been worse, the nickel and diming has begun for first class passengers and the ramifications could be bad. Airlines have to know what is going on and I know for a fact they are scrutinizing Spirit Airlines very closely.
Alaska airline announced today that they will be the first airline to install Boeing’s newest Space Bins which increase storage capacity by almost 48%! The new Space Bins will arrive on all next-generation 737 and 737 Max airplanes delivered to Alaska Airlines starting in late 2015 and will have the look and feel that Alaska’s new planes with the Sky interior currently have. That should cut boarding times, improve on-time performance and require less intervention from flight attendants.
Flight attendant representatives who tried the Space Bins preferred them over traditional Boeing Sky Interior bins.
Overall I am very happy to see that Alaska Airline is investing in Boeing newest and most innovated product and I applaud Boeing for responding to the need of the traveling public for carry-on bag space. I guess with the lower doors though you'll have to be abit more careful not to bang your head during the mad scramble at the end of the flight:).
Items exceeding the free carry-on allowance will be charged $25 per piece and tagged for delivery to baggage claim at your destination. Due to the smaller dimensions of overhead storage and underseat space on aircraft operated by Horizon Air or SkyWest (Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and flights 3440-3499), larger carry-on items will be placed on a planeside cart before boarding. Note: Some items allowed in carry-on baggage cannot travel in the checked baggage compartment. Prescription medications and any medical devices needed to administer them (for example: syringes, auto- injections) as long as they comply with applicable safety, security, and hazardous materials rules. Please note that to qualify as an exception to the carry-on limit, nothing other than medical devices or medication may be in the bag.
Visit Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions on the TSA website for more information on allowed medical items and screening procedures. Many common items used every day in the home or workplace may seem harmless; however, when transported by air, they can be very dangerous.
Please refer to the Permitted and Prohibited Items of the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) website for a complete list of items which are federally restricted from being carried onboard our aircraft.

Note: If an item is allowed in carry-on baggage, but not allowed in checked bags, the item MUST remain with you in the cabin or be removed before your carry-on bag is placed on the a la cart or given to an employee at the gate or onboard to place in the Checked Baggage compartment. TSA’s recently announced changes to its Prohibited Items list, including allowing small pocket knives on aircraft, has been temporarily delayed. Keeping your carry-on bag measurements within the total dimensions of 9"x14"x22" should allow it to fit in either of those places on most commercial planes.
With United recently matching Delta's $100 charge to check a second bag on international flights, we are already seeing airlines attempt to squeeze more incremental revenue out of tickets.
As the TSA loves to remind us, this slows down the faux-security screening process and there is no question the flurry of carry-on bags dragged on to each flight dramatically slows the boarding process and almost de facto forces the poor schmucks with higher boarding zones to gate check their hand baggage. Mark my words--as early as 2013 we may see additional airlines begin charging for carry-on baggage (much to Senator Schumer's chagrin).
The new space bins allow easier loading as they hang two inches lower (watch you heads when you stand up) but are deeper and wider which allow bags to be stored on their sides instead on their back. I can see this causing confusion for passengers who fly Alaska often, not knowing which was their bag is supposed to fit inside the bin.
The deeper bins allow more bags to be stowed, and let customers load bags with less struggle. If your itinerary includes travel on another airline, please check that airline’s Web site for their specific baggage rules.
Acceptance of carry-on baggage is subject to space availability on the aircraft at the time you board. In the case of a misplaced bag, this tag can help expedite the identification and return process.
These items will be specially tagged and returned to the cart for retrieval at a designated area on the ramp or jetbridge as you deplane. The item MUST remain with you in the cabin or be removed before your carry-on bag is placed on the a la cart or given to an employee at the gate or onboard to place in the checked baggage compartment. In flight, variations in temperature and pressure can cause items to leak, generate toxic fumes, or start a fire. They only risk confusing baggage handlers and possibly causing your bags to be loaded onto the wrong plane. This innovated design allows for 178 standard size carry-on bags to be stored compared to the 117 now. Either way the additional space is well welcomed and shows that Alaska is responding to customers’ requests and market demands.
In the event adequate space is not available, your carry-on bag will be checked for no charge to baggage claim at your final destination.
Just find the red and white stop sign, and your bags will be there within 5 minutes of deplaning.

At check-in, make sure each of your bags is correctly tagged with new destination tags, and verify that the baggage tag receipts are inside your ticket envelope before leaving the counter.Itemize the contents (and their value) of your baggage, especially if you are packing anything of significant value. Fragile or high-value items should be carried into the cabin with you, and not left on the planeside cart.
This documentation will greatly assist you if the need to file a claim for lost or damaged luggage should arise.
Most airlines also retain the right to limit carry-on baggage even further if a flight is unusually crowded. I am mad as hell about being squeezed for more and more money because the airlines know they can just get away with it. Don't forget to include the bags themselves.After packing your bags, weigh each of the bags. Airlines do determine their own rules for acceptable carry-on baggage size and they can change at any time, so if you are planning to carry-on something unusual, it is always a good idea to check ahead of time with the airline on which you are flying.Finally, recently a few airlines (Spirit Airlines, for example) have announced charges for carry-on bags. Checked baggage fees vary by airline, but there is usually an extra fee for "overweight" bags.
We recommend that you check the web site(s) of the airline, or airlines, on which you are traveling, to verify whether or not they charge any fees for carry-on bags. If you have to, redistribute the contents among your bags either to avoid overweight bags, or to limit it to one overweight bag to save as much as you can on baggage fees.When packing your carry-on bags, keep in mind the limits on the amount of liquids you can carry onto the airplane. If you have any questions about the TSA regulations for carrying on liquids, we review them here.BAGGAGE FEESCheck the web site(s) of the airline, or airlines, on which you are traveling, to verify whether or not they charge any fees for checked or carry-on bags. Multiple checked bags, a possible fee if your bag is "overweight", a fee for your carry-on bag and airline baggage fees can add up quickly. You will incur the fees again on your return home, and they may be higher if you have purchased lots of souvenirs while traveling.Keep all of these baggage fees in mind when booking your trip. Some airlines advertise lower air fares to win the air fare competition, but make up for it with their baggage fees. Baggage fees can vary depending on the type of air fare you purchase, first class versus economy. Also, there may be a discount on baggage fees if paid when you book your air fare, or prior to arriving at the airport for check-in.Weigh your packed bags and re-distribute contents to prevent incurring overweight baggage fees.
For longer vacations for which you may want to bring lots of gear, clothing, etc., seriously consider shipping your bags ahead of time using your favorite package delivery service.

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