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With four suitcases of various sizes and priced at less than $100, this set is an ideal choice for any man. For a truly unique and versatile piece of travel luggage for men, try the Cenzo Overnight Bag. Clemson Variety & Frame is an alumni owned and operated business located just a stone's throw from Clemson University's historic Bowman Field. Fightback Canada - Pearson Airport workers carry out wildcat strike; Unite the Struggle to Win! On Friday, July 3, almost 200 flights were cancelled at Toronto's Pearson Airport as 30 of 47 workers scheduled to work the morning shift called in sick and only 22 out of 56 showed up in the afternoon. Friday’s disruption was targeted at Consolidated Aviation Fueling of Toronto, which is discontinuing its service contracts with workers at Pearson International and Pierre Elliot Trudeau airports in Toronto and Montreal. According to Sean Smith of the Toronto Airport Workers’ Council, contracts for airport services historically switched every few years, but in the past workers would switch contracts with little change to their wages and rights. This contract flipping is clearly a way of slashing wages and benefits, undermining the union, disregarding collective bargaining and limiting the ability of workers to fight back through strike action. These concessions were justified on the basis that they were required to make Air Canada profitable.
Meanwhile, Air Canada CEO Calin Rovenescu received $5 million over a 3-year period and doubled his pension this year. Workers have begun learning the hard lesson that weakness invites aggression, and that the concessions made in 2012 have only encouraged Air Canada management to demand even more. In 2012, baggage handlers, machinists and pilots organized in the same union as the current strikers, waged a wildcat strike challenging the dismissal of airport workers. The scattered and unorganized nature of the wildcat strikes largely arises from the lack of leadership coming from the union tops. Indeed, the leadership of the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), which represents the fueling workers, has come out against the strike and called on the workers not to participate in illegal strikes. Meanwhile, on that same day, a bulletin was sent to the striking fuel workers in which Fred Hospes, President of local 140 of the IAMAW said “All members need to be aware that the Canada Labour Code prohibits the use of work stoppages to resolve disputes where a collective agreement is in force. The IAMAW leadership played a similar role in 2012 when workers instigated a wildcat strike. The only thing being put forward by the union leadership at this point is an unfair labour practice complaint, which will be heard by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. In many ways, this rank-and-file wildcat strike is a rebuke to the compromising policies of the union leadership, which have led to defeat after defeat. The strategy of the union leadership has clearly led to defeats and concessions, and this will continue unless preparations are made for a serious struggle.
What happened on Friday is not an isolated event, neither is the case of the 300 workers set to lose their jobs.
Flight attendants, pilots and customer service workers have all taken significant concessions in recent years, and have been subject to anti-strike legislation. Workers should remember that we would not have unions today if workers in the past had not been prepared to defy anti-union and anti-strike laws in the first place. The workers must also fight for a leadership that will respond to their needs and demands, instead of one which capitulates to the pressure of the airline bosses, the government and the corporate press.
The bosses are intent on making workers in both the public and private sector carry the burden of the capitalist crisis through cuts and austerity. The fight at Pearson International and other sectors across the country has only begun, as the workers are taking matters in their own hands. The ThinkTank Airport Security Carry-On was designed to carry and transport your expensive gadgets especially with photographer gear in mind.
In addition, men have significantly different luggage needs if they are traveling on business versus a rip for fun.

Light, expandable and easily stored, it is as good for the married businessman as it is for a bachelor living an apartment.
Whether a job interview or a sales presentation, looking good is the first step in closing the deal. The generous dimensions and capacity of the Winfiled 28” Expandable Spinner just enhances this reputation. Throwing some clothes and toiletries into a duffle bag is the ideal way to get the trip started on time and with a minimum of fuss. Made of easily cleaned polyester, this handsome piece of travel luggage for men is made to withstand the roughest treatment. It doesn't hold much but if you keep it packed, you can grab it and run at those times when its important to hit the ground running. As well, the workers who showed up to work refused the management’s demands to work over-time to cover the shifts.
Another service provider will be stepping in, which will be cutting wages by 30 per cent, downgrading working conditions and laying off many workers.
Current fuel workers, represented by the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), make between $17 and $24 hourly, while their new replacements will make no more than $14 an hour. It demanded substantial concessions from workers in a variety of airport trades from pilots to flight attendants, including two-tier wage scales and pension cuts.
This line of argument has been exposed as Air Canada posted record profits of $531 million in 2014. The obscene salaries of the executives of the airline and fuel service providers stand in sharp contrast to the declining conditions of the workers. There is an angry mood among airport workers in various trades, and this has been reflected through wildcat actions. The current strike action once again displays the initiative of the rank-and-file, this time against contract flipping.
They have not provided any lead in terms organizing a fight against contract flipping, and the slashing of wages and benefits for airport workers. The union leadership must support the wildcat strikers, and assist in broadening the struggle to the different groups of workers at the airport. Just this past May, 282 workers at the airport in customer assistance had their contracts flipped.
There is a desire to fight back against the concessions and the undermining of the unions, and workers’ rights. The 40,000 workers at Pearson International have enormous power in their hands and could paralyze the entire airport. As the crisis of capitalism continues to deepen, federal and provincial governments will continue to use back-to-work and other anti-union legislation to repress workers’ struggles. There is a need for a union leadership that is willing to go beyond the bargaining table and mobilize the power of the membership.
The labour movement must learn from the defeats of the past years and prepare for militant struggle as the only way to protect the living standards of the working class. Unique security features like the combination locks for the zipper sliders and the security cable (similar to a laptop security cable) make the Airport Security unique and more handy then other Carry-On's especially when you need to leave yours unattended.
There is wide variety of travel luggage for men that can suit the requirements of the individual and of the situation. It's polycarbonate composition allows for excellent durability and is light weight, just 8 pounds when empty. This hardcase luggage can take quite a beating although the finish does tend to get easily scratched. Combing these two needs can sometimes be problematic when choosing the best carryon travel luggage for men.

Four wheels allow for easy travel through the airport while its flexible exterior allows you to store it in the tightest spaces. Extremely versatile, this piece of travel luggage for men can carry clothes for a wedding or for a camping trip. It has a retractable, double handle, inline skate wheels and double zippers for extra security. The heavy duty steel wheels, the nylon reinforced exterior and the double strength, retractable handle completes the package on this extraordinary travel luggage for men. It can take a whole lot of punishment while still safeguarding its contents and it will last for an entire high school or college career.
It has plenty of room for the essentials and, more importantly, can be carried anywhere without fear of looking awkward.
This wildcat strike action was carried out in response to layoffs of 300 aircraft fueling workers, who are expected to be fired on October 1, 2015, as Air Canada will be utilizing a new subcontractor.
A Toronto Star article published in June 2015 captured the mood of the workers in response to these cuts, with fuel serviceman Hector Silva commenting “The cost of living keeps on going up.
When profits are high, they pocket them and continue to push wages down and try to undermine trade unions. If the strikes are deemed illegal, as they have been consistently for the past year, the workers must be prepared to defy these union-busting laws, and the labour movement should mobilize for solidarity action. Instead of trying to keep a lid on the class struggle, the leadership must mobilize the workers to defeat anti-strike legislation. Other features include being able to hold 400 2.8 and larger lenses, replaceable wheels, shoulder straps, dual main compartment access, monopod holder, tripod holder, and Seam-sealed raincover. Here are some suggestions for business trips, causal stopovers and even an option that combines a little of both. In short, it is a is spacious, sturdy and unbelievably fashionable option for the business traveler.
The luggage is sturdy and secure but as with all hardside cases, the finish does mar fairly quickly. Here are some solutions that will allow you to store the casual items in their own pockets while still leaving a dedicated space for a suit and tie. Pockets and an expandable area provide plenty of dedicated space for a variety of toiletries and other personal effects.
There is plenty of room with multiple pockets and designated spaces for all your jewelry and toiletries. Available in four high contrast colors, it makes it the ideal choice for any metrosexual on the move.
Also in April, airport parking attendants launched a wildcat strike after 80 employees of Impark lost their jobs due to contract flipping.
The Airport Security Carry-on bag, has a price around $359 and saves your stuff so you can photograph another day! Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, this type of  travel luggage for men is waterproof and utterly secure. Two inline wheels for easy transport, an expandable upper section for extra room and multiple pockets can fill any travel need. Jake Rabur, R-Lithia, was not heard by the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, which had its last meeting two weeks ago.

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