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In the past, when we travel with Air Asia, we need not pay for luggage as we are automatically allowed up to 15kg of check in luggage and up to 7kg of hand luggage. But now, Air Asia has charged an additional RM20 per trip if you want to check-in a SINGLE baggage of up to 15kg. If you did not opt for the check-in luggage option (and pay extra so that you can check-in 15kg of luggage), you will need to pay for your luggage- which is more expensive compared the the price you pay when you book your ticket online. If you are an adult travelling with your family of kids and aunties uncles in the early morning, this can be a real inconvenienced and nuisance.
Therefore, remember, when you book your flight via Air Asia, please remember to tick the check in luggage option (and pay RM20 extra) at the point when you book your flight ticket if you are checking in anything. During group travel, example 4 persons are allowed to check-in up to 60kg of luggage (15kg x 4 persons) if the booking is done together in a single transaction. If you want to check-in your luggage together with your friends, then please ensure that all the tickets are booked together in a single transaction as a group. Sometimes my friends from overseas will be overindulgent with their shopping and hence the luggage.
As every seasoned traveler knows, the FFA allows all airline passengers to bring onboard one carry on bag and one personal item (sometimes for a fee).
A bag with a soft, fabric exterior will have more flexibility than a hard-shell carry on, which could give you some extra room. I am not sure due to ignorance or many people are not aware of this change- that you have to select the option for check-in luggage when you book your flight. When I was in LCCT, I saw a number of passengers did not pay for the luggage fee while booking the ticket (listed as Supersized Regular-up to 15kg in the online booking) and therefore unable to check in their luggage.

Admittedly, there are certain items that you can get in Malaysia that you can’t quite get from other countries. Now in LCCT, after you check in your luggage and you want to go up the departure hall, some strong strict looking muscular build guys are stationed there. In a surefire effort to make things super confusing for everyone, the size and weight parameters are not uniform across the board. However, we highly recommend that you double check with your airline’s website just in case anything does change. Not if you don’t have to.Remember, it’s impossible to lose a bag that you carry on, but it is possible that an airline can lose a checked bag, which could be a headache to try and get reconnected with in some cases. International sized bags are smaller, typically 20” L, while continental carry on sizes are 21-22” L. You should have similar luck with a 21-22”, but some international airlines may have smaller compartments. If the bag that you are carrying, even though within the carry on size looks suspiciously heavy, the guy will take it and weigh it. There are numerous airline carry on size restrictions, and not knowing the rules could mean checked bag fees, depending on your airline. Some airlines list their max carry on dimensions as linear instead of the usual three dimensions.

Try to anticipate the return flight and if your bag may get heavier with souvenirs or other items.
Be aware that a Wall Street Journal report found that 8% of airline baggage scales in New York were inaccurate. If you are told at the gate that there isn’t any more room in the overhead and your bag must be checked, don’t worry, because it’s pretty much a guarantee that your bag will be on your flight, meaning it can’t go missing. So especially if you’re a frequent overseas traveler, go with a 20” bag if size is a concern.
When I was travelling recently, I seen some passengers being stopped and told to have the bag checked in. However, the Baggage Supersize Fee is non-refundable should a guest decide to downgrade the checked baggage weight.If you think that your check in baggage is going to be more than 15kg, it is better to pre-booked the Supersize medium (20kg) or Supersize large (25kg).
Note that you can not upgrade this at the airport, if you opt for the 15kg, the excess weight will be charged as excess baggage fee which is very much more expensive.Pre-booked Baggage Supersize Fee provides you a choice to purchase from a minimum of 15kg to a maximum of 30kg on a discounted rate (discounts up to 50%). But, from my personal observations and also  from what I have heard from friends who are regular AirAsia travelers, most of the time, you can carry in more than two bags into the plane with you.

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