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With the busy summer travel season taking flight, today Air Canada begins clamping down on carry-on baggage. Air Canada specifies that a personal item can include a backpack, briefcase or laptop computer measuring up to 16 by 33 by 43 centimetres and a standard item such as a suitcase measuring up to 23 by 40 by 55 centimetres including wheels and handles. The airline began charging a $25 checked-bag fee last fall on its lowest-class domestic flights and on flights to and from the Caribbean and Mexico. The airline says the tagging program will expand progressively to other airports across the country through June. This entry was posted in News and tagged air canada, Baggage, carry on, fees, Fly, how big, Pearson Airport, Size, Transport Canada, travel, Weight, YTO, YYZ by Scott. Also, larger items like strollers, skis or golf clubs may also face an additional fee, so again check with the airline directly. Alternatively, only bring a carry-on bag and remember to pack light (consult our packing tips for help).
Make sure you are prepared to board the aircraft as soon as your boarding group or row number is called. If you see that space is already an issue while boarding, place your carry-on in any overhead bin in front of your seat, which makes for an easy grab on the way out. All in all, these fees make it appear as though we are paying more for a service that should be included with our ticket. We’d like to think the improvement is partly due to airlines investing some of the revenue generated from baggage fees directly into their luggage handling departments. This table gives the free baggage limits for a standard economy passenger on these airlines. These variations mean you should ensure that you clearly understand your baggage allowances and any additional fees for any initial or continuing flight. This travel topic is an outline and should either be merged into an appropriate parent topic or else developed further. Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, images are available under various licenses, see each image for details.
Information on restricted items such as scissors and knives, as well as information about the hazardous items. When travelling on a codeshare flight the free baggage allowance shown on your ticket will apply in principle.
Air Canada have started a strict enforcement of their carry-on baggage procedures on Monday in what critics are calling a cash-grab.
Airline staff at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport have been stationed at both check-in and security checkpoints to ensure carry-on bags meet size and weight requirements.
Bags that meet the airline’s carry-on dimensions will receive a red tag, which the airline says will help reduce wait times at security.
The airline says if passengers get to security and need to check a bag that exceeds size limits, they’ll receive a special card to get quickly back to a check-in agent, and then on to the departure gate.

Travellers with Air Canada line-up to check their luggage at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Air Canada, as expected, is joining rival WestJet Airlines in charging passengers a fee to check their first bag on domestic flights as the two airlines also finalize plans to introduce other ancillary fees in a move to boost revenue. The new fee being charged by Air Canada applies to passengers booking the airline’s lowest economy class Tango fares as of Thursday for flights beginning Nov.
Earlier this week, Calgary-based WestJet announced a fee, ranging between $25 and $29.50 depending on provincial taxes, for a first checked bag for some economy class customers on flights within Canada and to the United States, but not to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Europe.
He anticipates more fees to come unless there is a substantive consumer push back, which is unlikely because of the strong domestic duopoly in Canada.
Air Canada’s new bag fee means that virtually all North American airlines aside from Southwest and Jet Blue will charge a first checked bag fee. Canadian airlines are playing catch-up with the global airline industry, which last year collected more than US$31 billion in non-airfare fees, up from US$2.45 billion in 2007. Limited in their ability to raise airfares, airlines have increasingly turned to fees including checked baggage, preferred seating, in-flight meals and entertainment, frequent flier redemptions and reservation changes.
Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines led the industry, earning 38.4 per cent of its annual revenues from such fees last year, according to airline consultant IdeaWorks. Analyst Chris Murray of AltaCorp Capital estimates the fee will add about $50 million in pre-tax operating earnings (EBITDAR) for Air Canada in 2015, based on his forecast of 40.7 million global passengers for the airline. About 75 per cent of its passengers check bags, but the airline expects the new fee could reduce checked bags by 20 to 30 per cent, based on experience of other airlines.
Transat charges passengers to select seats and has introduced new fare classes that provide more flexibility. The Canadian Press along with its French-language counterpart, La Presse Canadienne, is a Canadian multimedia news agency. Airline staff at Pearson International Airport (YYZ) have been stationed at both check-in and security checkpoints to ensure carry-on bags meet size and weight requirements. Now travelers need to be aware of all the additional fees that can run up the bill on their next vacation. Just about every airline charges for bags that exceed weight (usually 50 lbs) and size limits (varies by carrier).
Delta and United accept golf clubs and skis as regular checked baggage as long as its in a suitable case (this means no oversize baggage fees will be assessed, though overweight charges may still apply). Keep in mind, many travelers employ the same strategy as a means to save money, so overhead bin space will likely be extremely limited. This simply means it will go with all the other checked luggage, but you will not be charged a checked baggage fee. His articles have appeared in the Boston Herald, Chicago Daily Herald, and Frommer’s Budget Travel, among other publications. Note that for trans-pacific routes, the standard baggage allowance for most airlines increases from 20kg to 32kg, and may include two checked bags.

Please consult with JAL International reservation or Operating carrier or your travel agency for details. Enjoy your long weekend everyone!”The Calgary-based airline then posted on Saturday that it has no plans to change its baggage fee policy, though things could change. WestJet’s new bag fee will help the carrier to increase its ancillary revenues from $10 per passenger towards the $16 average of global carriers.
Air Canada carried about 35 million passengers last year and estimates the fee will affect one in five of its passengers on domestic flights, representing about five per cent of its global customers. It has also begun to charge for food on flights operated by Air Transat to the Caribbean and Mexico, and has a kiloflex fee for passengers who travel with a lot of luggage.
Bags that meet the airline’s carry-on dimensions will receive a red tag, which the airline says will help reduce wait times at security. As a a follow up to our popular US domestic baggage fees chart, we created a similar one for our Canadian users. Fees for international flights will vary, though most carriers offer the first checked bag for free (as it’s pretty difficult to travel without clothing and personal belongings on longer trips). More information is available by clicking on any of the airline links above, which will take you directly into the baggage policy section of their respective websites. In search results, click on the suitcase icon to see airline and route-specific baggage fee information.
Gate attendants will rarely measure your carry-on luggage, but if it looks too big, you will be forced to check it. These programs are just some of what the airlines are doing to improve service and make that $20-$30 fee worth something. Amsterdam, Bangkok, Rome, and Sydney are some of his favorite destinations and he aspires to one day live in Italy.
It expects to generate about $48 million in ancillary revenues this year and a lot more in years to come. For more than two bags consult the airline, but prices usually skyrocket, so avoid it if possible. This information is customized based on your travel search, so you can avoid the confusing airline policy pages.
This is usually based on their discretion, which can vary quite a bit from airport to airport, airline to airline and even person to person.
With our low cost business model, we are comfortable saying that first bags will continue to fly free.

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