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Currently Air Canada operates 20 Maple Leaf Lounges majority of them are located in all major Canadian airports and few international ones in New York (LaGuardia), London (Heathrow), Paris and Los Angeles. Air Canada is Canada's national flag carrier airline and one of the largest airlines in the World by number of offered destinations.
Also if you are traveling with children who like to play computer games you will be able to connect their game controller to the entertainment system so they can play their favorite computer games while on board. There are many other great tiny perks during the flight including great selection of newspapers,copy of Air Canada enRoute magazine and many others. And of course on the board of Air Canada flight, executive class passengers will get an exceptional selection of food and beverages including some exclusive spirits and wines.
Wines offered on Air Canada flights are picked up by a well know and respected wine expert Ken Chase. Staggered business class -- like this Swiss seat you might find if connecting to Zurich -- is one of our favourites. It can be tricky to tell how one airline's angled lie-flat business class seat is different from a reverse herringbone fully flat bed -- and figuring out just what the angled herringbone is takes a bit of illustration.
We've focussed on the key airlines with flights to Australia, but you'll find some weird and wonderful seats out there further afield, so there's some brief mention of those where appropriate. You'll find recliners on most domestic business class flights, as well as on longer flights on some cheaper airlines. Virgin Australia's A330 business class recliner is fine for east coast-Perth flights, but any longer than that and we want a flat bed. While comfy enough for a short hop to Perth, recliners are definitely below par in terms of comfort and sleeping options for flights over six hours -- from Australia to Singapore or Hong Kong, say. In September 2012, Cathay Pacific brought out a much-spruiked upgrade to its regional business class for short flights out of its Hong Kong hub.
It slides forward and raises your legs up at an angle, putting you into a Z-bed kind of position, rather than reclining backwards into the lap of the person behind.
Most medium to long distance flights in business class -- especially in the Asia-Pacific region -- have angled lie-flat seats.
Singapore Airlines' new regional business class is angled-flat, although the seat technology somewhat makes up for a lack of sleeping comfort. There are several varieties of this seat, but they all recline to form a mainly flat surface to sleep on -- but sloping at an angle to the floor of the plane, rather than a full 180 degrees. The upsides of an angled lie-flat are that you can adjust the seat to a comfortable position for relaxing on a day flight.
But there's a significant downside they're markedly less comfortable than a fully flat bed if you prefer to sleep on your side or front. Lufthansa's old angled-flat business class seat is really uncomfortable for any sleeping position that isn't on your back, since the seat support falls away below the knee. Read more about angled lie-flat seats -- and the fully flat beds often confused with them -- in our exposé of the lie-flat lie.
You'll find this self-explanatory type of flat bed on Qantas' Airbus A380 (and refurbished Boeing 747s), Virgin Australia's former V Australia Boeing 777 flights, plus a few other airlines like Garuda Indonesia or Air China in our region. Qantas' A380 Skybed is a good business class seat, although you do have to pick your way over the aisle passenger if you're not in an aisle seat.
These come in rows, with either a 2-2-2 (most Airbus A330 or upstairs A380 configurations) or 2-3-2 (most Boeing 777 configurations) layout. Singapore Airlines' A380 and long-haul Boeing 777-300ER flights have a variant on forward facing seats, with extra-wide seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.
These are great for direct aisle access, but some people dislike having to tuck their feet into a small cubby-hole area when in bed mode.
Giving everyone access to the aisle is one of the holy grails of long-haul business class, and the staggered fully flat bed layout is one way to do it.
Ahead of each window or middle seat is a small gangway that allows those passengers to slip out into the aisle without disturbing the person in the aisle seat. Small gangways for window passengers ahead and behind this aisle seat mean that there's no clambering to get out during the night -- a real benefit ot this layout. The arrangement also means that you have a more private mini-suite, which feels more private.
The only real downside comes if you're in the aisle seats, which have a little less legroom. Further afield, you'll also find staggered layouts in Swiss' swanky new business class and Finnair's long-haul flights. Swiss' business class seats are a real draw, especially if you snag one of these solo seats when travelling alone. Japan Airlines has the newest version of these beds, with an extra-spacious 2-3-2 layout for its 777-300ER planes.
Australian Business Traveller toured JAL's Tokyo workshop, and we have a full photo tour of this promising new business class. There are two variants to the forwards-backwards cabin layout: United's, where entire rows go head to head and toe to toe, and British Airways', where aisle seats face forwards and everything else faces backwards.
Downstairs on Boeing 747s, and on 777s, you'll find 2-4-2 layouts, while it drops down to a more exclusive 2-2 upstairs on a 747.

The upsides to the forwards-backwards arrangement is that they're fully flat beds that slide down to recline, so they're great for relaxing on a day flight and getting some sleep on a night flight.
British Airways calls this the Z-bed configuration, and it's very comfortable for a day flight like Sydney-Singapore. However, there's a big downside: window and middle passengers need to clamber over the aisle seat's legs to get out.
BA's seats are private and have decent elbow room -- thanks to the extra space from the fact that the seats are designed so your elbows are on the other side of the divider from your neighbour's knees, so you get more space -- but some people feel they're more cramped than exclusive. United's seats are pretty narrow, since everyone's elbows in the row are next to each other, but they do go flat. Seats in a herringbone layout are always fully flat, facing into the cabin from three or four columns of seats, making a 1-1, 1-1-1 or 1-2-1 configuration.
You'll find them on Air New Zealand, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, Delta's Australian flights and Cathay Pacific's old business class. These either fold forwards so you sleep on the padded back of the seat (Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand) or recline backwards so you sleep on the seat cushions themselves. Upsides are privacy, direct aisle access to everyone and a good flat bed to stretch out on, although some passengers (especially people who sleep on their back) find them less comfortable than the forward-facing seats.
Downsides include fewer options for relaxing positions on day flights, and some window fans find it annoying to have to angle their heads to look out.
Having invented the regular herringbone, the staggered herringbone "Dream Suite" is Virgin Atlantic's new idea for its slightly narrower planes, which can't fit two of the regular herringbone's angled seats together in a middle pair.
Instead, the staggered herringbone sees a zig-zag sort of pattern rather than the zip-like layout of wider planes. In terms of flexibility, it's just about as good as the regular herringbone, but Virgin have also upgraded the seats a fair bit to give extra recline and a more modern cabin.
Take a look at our full photo tour of the new Virgin Atlantic staggered herringbone cabins for more. Cathay Pacific's new business class has a different take on the herringbone: window seats face outwards towards the window (unlike its older business class, where window seats faced inwards) and centre seats face inwards towards each other.
There isn't really a downside to this sort of seat, which is why we rate it as one of the world's best business class seats. For more on Cathay's new business class, check out our extensive coverage of the new seats and service. Lufthansa's new fully flat business class is an improvement on its older angled lie-flat seats, but there's a reason the German airline is the only one to have chosen this kind of layout.
Each seat angles towards its neighbour -- so while there's roughly a foot of space separating the seats at head height, you'll probably end up playing footsie since there's not much of a divider at foot level.
Plus, window passengers need to clamber over the person in the aisle seat to get out, which isn't ideal. For more on what you might see in the future of business class seating, head on to our article on the latest airline seating innovations shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin awards this year. Lufthansa's all-new Boeing 747-8 fully flat business class seat: fantastic or footsie-prone?
Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. As with all our guide articles, we update them periodically to make sure that readers who come to them outside the news cycle know that the information is up to date, and to include new information (like the new Virgin Atlantic seats we included in yesterday's update). There was an event in Frankfurt for the best customers of Lufthansa and many of them were not happy. Well, it's about capacity: you can fit more people in, so you charge them less money than airlines like Singapore. Canadian bronze medallist Mark de Jonge got a little perk when he checked into his Air Canada flight home from the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Airports can be the worst; we’ve all been there with our luggage getting lost, planes getting delayed, connections missed, and above all, rude people. If you’ve seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine keeps trying to sneak into first class, while Jerry is getting served ice cream sundaes’ with champagne and robes, you’ll know you’ve wanted the taste of that life.
Jet Airways may not be like the first two, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly in an expensive lifestyle! ANA is all about the dining experience; their full course meals are all prepared on the spot, and vary each time you fly. Air France knows how it’s done, and doesn’t stop to make sure you’re living the life of luxury. Emirates airline comes as a close second to Cathay, but offers you amenities that Cathay just doesn’t.
Airports can be a big pain, but a big relief if you pick the right airline to help you through it all.
Some of the Maple Leaf Lounges are equipped with showers, so you can relax there while waiting for your another flight. Read on for more on the upsides and downsides of each type of business class seat." alt="Staggered business class -- like this Swiss seat you might find if connecting to Zurich -- is one of our favourites. Plus, if you're wearing a suit or other smooth fabric, you're likely to slide down the bed when trying to sleep.

You can look forwards out the window from the normal seated position or you can lean forwards a bit to look directly out the window. Articles such as this keep appearing again in your RSS feeds but I don't know what changes have been made! Singapore's regional business seat is on flights that are significantly longer than Lufthansa's short flghts, owing to the relative geography and aircraft size of the two airlines' fleets.
It was four years ago, at the ripe old age of 24, that de Jonge failed to qualify for the Canadian kayaking team for Beijing. Some of these first class airlines specialize in making sure your flight duration is in full luxury, and pure happiness. Their first class section offers full chair swivel seating; offering the perfect in-air meetings with your co-workers or business partners (or for just being a kid again).
This airline offers you a flight of relaxing luxury; which is what flying should always be about. You get your own reclined bed, as well as your choice of movies and magazines at your own side table. Their “Kosmo Suites” offer you perfect privacy, and its wood finished design will leave you feeling close to nature, and closer to peace and serenity.
Called “Pods”, these chairs offer you perfect comfort, as well as back and neck massages during the flight! They want you to relax the entire way; starting from their full reclined beds, that come with your own set of PJ’s, and skincare products to freshen up.
Their cuisines offer you a Japanese or International style that always pair perfectly with a newly conjured drink, prepared by professionals for taste and quality. They offer you a private recliner with your own TV and an array of movies at your choosing, as well as slippers, a “night over” kit, a dust bag for your shoes, and easy access to the aisle, no matter where you’re sitting. This airline offers you a flight full of privacy; you’re flight duration will have your own recliner with sliding door,and a personal mini bar, with space to change into the PJ’s that they offer you, and a full mirror to check yourself out in the life of luxury.
As soon as you enter the cabin, you get your own personal space; your own leather recliner with a LCD touch screen that allows you to control everything from the lights, to the position of your chair. By flying first class, you’ll be leaving your stress and worries at the terminal, and stepping into a world of pampering and lavish accessories.
Either way, it's a vast improvement on the normal herringbone where you have to strain your neck to look outside.
But as Christie Blatchford explores, he overcame his own setbacks, including a pretty serious injury and beat times even he didn’t think he could challenge.
However, if you’re lucky enough to fly first class, then you’re lucky enough to get all the pampering that the airport world has to offer you.
When it’s time to rest, your swivel chair folds down into a comfortable bed, and includes noise cancelling headphones to block out any more noise that may occur. Their “sleeperette” reclines to a complete 180 degree angle, complete with its own mattress topper, and has easy access to the aisle. If you want a bottle of champagne, they’ll open it right in front of you; making you feel like Jay Gatsby himself! You’re private nook includes complete control over your foot rest and back massage, as well as your own personal flat screen TV in your Suite.
Along with a large side table to rest your chosen wine glass on; you’ll get your own personal touch screen TV as well as noise-cancelling headphones. Each seat comes with perfect amount of storage and power outlets for your laptops and mobile devices, as well as plenty of space to try all of their champagnes. If you aren’t sold yet, how about their recliners that actually offer you a massage in-flight?
Don’t forget your personal TV, and a full shower in the upper deck if you decide to freshen up before your descent. If you’ve got the extra cash, American Airline’s first class amenities can bring you a life full of happiness—during the duration of the flight, anyway. Choose when you want to eat your meal; whether its lobster, or steak, you’ll be full, and delighted with this first class flight. Either way, both are completely private, and offer you a full bed when reclined completely. You get your own personal TV, as well as a full course, hand prepared meal and wine, for your flight. From lamb chops, to kabob’s, you’ll never be disappointed—because who actually eats those pretzel bags they hand out?
If you’re lucky enough to join this first class flight, you’ll get to enjoy exotic dishes, like squash soup, or cheese plates!
Each private nook offers you a private TV, as well as a cocktail table, and your own international phone—you know, for those important meetings.

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