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Commencing next Monday 13th August, new cabin baggage allowances come into effect across all Aer Lingus short-haul and transatlantic routes.
An enhanced allowance is available to Gold Circle, Business Class and Flex Fare customers who may take an additional small piece, such as a slimline laptop bag onboard. For Aer Lingus Regional, the standard allowance dimensions have been slightly reduced to allow stowage on the different versions of the ATR fleet.
The new allowance follows a recent review, involving customer and staff input, to reduce delays and frustration caused by cabin baggage issues during boarding.
This should be fun… next up is airport shops complaining of reduced sales due to passengers afraid to make purchases as their one bag is full.
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The airline has said that customers can bring a single piece of cabin baggage with them – but also a handbag or other specific bags. AER LINGUS HAS moved to clarify its new policy on carry-on baggage following concerns that it was only allowing customers to take one small piece of luggage with them. The new policy aims to reduce customer inconvenience by having a clear, consistent and well-communicated policy, ensuring flight punctuality.
According to Aer Lingus, passengers can bring a standard single piece of cabin baggage with them. In addition, a handbag or satchel, within a specific size, may also be carried but must be placed under the seat in front. Customers who have Gold Circle, Business Class and Flex Fare tickets may take an additional small piece, such as a slim-line laptop bag onboard. Yesterday, the Fine Gael Dublin South East Senator Catherine Noone criticised Aer Lingus’ decision to further restrict carry-on baggage allowances, and called on the Government to consider banning ‘one-bag’ policies being imposed by airlines.
I am relieved that Aer Lingus is not adopting the strict ‘one bag and one bag only’ policy implemented by Ryanair. The Senator added that she is encouraging the airline to liaise with the Dublin Airport Authority to monitor any possible impact of carry-on restrictions. Security expert Tom Clonan explains why armies across the world need female soldiers and officers, in all positions. The new allowance is a standard single piece of cabin baggage with the permissible cabin baggage size being increased.

In addition, a small ladies handbag or gents satchel, within a specific size, may also be carried but must be placed under the seat in front.
New cabin baggage size gauges have been installed at all airports across the Aer Lingus network to support the implementation of the new allowance.
We go round and round in circles regarding luggage: airlines don’t seem to get it that passengers when travelling wish to carry items with them, so it’s up to airlines to address the issue by catering for this. I have had so many experiences of selfish people hogging too much space while I wait in vain, quite often, to find space for my small luggage bag.
Air France specially negotiated fares may be held with a deposit up to 35 days prior to departure.
Irish carrier Aer Lingus has announced that it will no longer allow passengers to carry airport shopping bags separately as part of their hand baggage. In addition customers may carry on a baby changing bag and food bag, medical and assistive devices.
However, I would urge Aer Lingus to keep this revised policy under review, as I am concerned that by only allowing passengers to carry one extra item on board, duty free and airport sales could be affected, particularly for destinations further afield like the United States.
Making travellers with luggage feel fearful of those scales and measuring cage at boarding isn’t going to increase their frequency of flying and the airlines’ profitability.

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