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The KR30 case is an airtight, waterproof, hard case with easy trigger latches and a lifetime warranty. The Zombie Quick Draw Universal Handgun Case transports 6 handguns with storage space for 12 magazines. The universal 2N2 GunPOD gun case holds 2 shotguns or rifles and 2 handguns with extra room for storage.
KR20 AR Gun Case holds SOPMOD, AR, M16 or M4 rifle,  7 magazines, handgun, accessories, rail-mounted optics and desiccant.
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Carrying case is available empty, with solid foam or with convoluted foam (egg-crate style). Airsoft guns ship to California will be marked with fluorescent coloration over the trigger guard and include a two centimeter fluorescent adhesive band around the protruding ends. We are not responsible for any harm or accident caused by any misuse of these Airsoft guns. With a hard ABS plastic body this case can with stand being dropped and handle all the wear and tear you can imagine.
While the outside of this case is getting beat up your gun will be just fine inside of this case as it is being protected by soft and durable foam inserts.

Invest in an accessory that is going to protect your firearm, get the TSD SRC Tactical 25in.

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