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This lovely three piece suit is made by Vivaki and is made up pink shirt, Dobby pink patterned waistcoat and cravat.
Dobby lining - Dobby is used as the lining of suits, it is produced by advanced air-jet looms and is very soft with a bright luster. The suits are made from 100% polyester and have a high quality, comfortable, soft feel to them - they look and feel good.

These suits are cut to precision, stitched to a high standard with great attention to detail and have a high quality inner lining. To measure the arm - with the arm bent at the elbow, measure from the top of the arm to the elbow and then from the elbow to the wrist, add the measurements together and this is the length of jacket sleeve needed. Note: Please use the size chart as guideline the measurements are not exact but fairly accurate.

Benefits of Dobby lined suits include a glossy, anti-sweat, anti-static, breathable and environment-friendly lining.

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