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Material: Durable 2400 Denier fabric with SamGuard protection resists stains from oil, dirt and water. Each upright has 4 multi-directional spinner wheels that allow 360-degree upright rolling in multiple directions.
Spinner technology lets the case do all the work rolling upright so there’s no weight on your arms. While there are actually a few places on the planet where you can walk around totally naked, most of those places aren't places you can go directly. Offered as a 3 piece set, the Calvin Klein Beacon collection brings a solution to any destination or journey length. Special OfferCalvin Klein Beacon 4 Wheel Cabin Case - 53cmA stylish Polycarbonate luggage range.

Fashionable and great in looks, this Nylon constructed 3 piece case set offers a wonderful solution to the user who cares about what their cases look like. Joy & IMAN 4-piece Iconic Quilted Patent Luggage Set with Handbag Your destination awaits. Hey, you can only buy 3 of these.Leave some for the rest of us!Update the quantity in your cart.
Won't the FEMA stormtroopers be surprised to see you're all packed and ready for them to collect you? You'll need to travel through clothing-unoptional locations before you end up stripping off and dancing with the sky unicorns or whatever it is you do there. Included in this luggage set is a 53cm cabin case which will fit into most international carry-on regulations, while the medium and large suitcase will cater for longer journeys.

Contrast trolley rails and wheels and accent trim details will enable this set of cases to follow fashion trends year after year. That means you need something to wear when you travel between Naked City and New Nakedburg.

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