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The Caribee name is derived from a South American piranha like species know scientifically as the Pygocentrus nattereri or Caribe.
SUITSUIT® light weight 3 piece Sunflower luggage set includes a two year limited warranty.
Are you the kind of person who is unafraid to take on new concepts and sufficiently adventurous to cross some boundaries? Fabulous fun and funky suitcases designed, manufactured and extensively tested to withstand the many rigours of today’s travel. Founded in 2008 SUITSUIT® has evolved into a contemporary brand for the inquisitive, creative and globe-trotting consumer seeking original and trendy travel accessories.

SUITSUIT® continues to innovate, bringing together design and production expertise to deliver consistently high quality and affordable luggage. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Its compact size masks the fact that it is a dominant and resilient species in its environment. Be the centre of attention and the envy of your fellow passengers as you effortlessly glide by with the extremely lightweight and impact-resistant Sunflower 3 piece luggage set by SUITSUIT®. You are critical, fashion conscious, an eager traveller and entirely in touch with the latest trends in both fashion and design.

These unique suitcases are effortlessly stylish, colourful, fun and appealing as well as being practical and durable enough for even the most experienced traveller. The 20" small case fits in the aircraft cabin as hand luggage (always check with your airline before flying) so you can use it separately for shorter trips and weekend breaks.

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