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When you consider that the weight limit for checked baggage is around 20kg and the deadweight of a standard medium suitcase is at least 5kg, it’s obvious that the way to save money on excess baggage is to buy a lightweight suitcase. Durability Excellent, though despite claiming to be scratch resistant, it was slightly scuffed after two flights. First into the suitcase are my beautiful Madden Girl sandals I bought in a House of Fraser sale not too long ago. As many of my readers will know, this holiday is going to be quite symbolic for many reasons. Due to the hot weather, it's inevitable that I'll be spending the majority of my time in shorts. Save money and back ache going hand luggage only – but there’s an art to getting it all in the case. Guest Travel ArticlesEurope & Beyond is keen to hear from guest bloggers and travel writers who want to share their experiences. This unique design two wheel suitcase offers the trend aware and exclusive print at a great price.
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When you think about it, you have a small luggage allowance and you have to decide exactly what you're going to wear for the next few days.
I still have a few days to pack and still a few things to add, but I thought I'd show you what I have so far. I still have more of these to pack, but so far I have two evening style dresses and this gorgeous maxi dress from New Look. Firstly, it's my first ever adult holiday abroad due to my laziness in renewing my passport, secondly it's my first holiday abroad with my future husband and third, I've never ever worn a bikini before and after losing all this weight, I think it's about time. I'm taking my new lace shorts from H&M and my stars and stripes shorts from Topshop, along with both crop tops from New Look. European health cards are just as important as travel insurance as they allow you to get state health care for free or a reduced rate in emergency situations. Guest post from travel writer and blogger Alison Chambers On return from a recent trip to Cairo, I looked across the baggage belt at Heathrow to see a couple of women passengers grabbing armloads of clothes and underwear off the belt and dumping them on the floor.
The case features telescopic push handle, two large easy access front pockets and corner wheels for stability.
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I've decided to a 'What's in my bag' inspired post regarding suitcases to help other travellers get a grasp of what to take on holiday, plus it gives you all a chance to unleash your voyeuristic side and analyse my clothing decisions. Obviously it's important to leave space for items you're planning on bringing back home, so I aim to travel light knowing my shoppaholic tendencies. My bag had split open because I’d stuffed it full, many of the clothes returning unworn, and as a result my holiday wardrobe was doing a catwalk of shame around Terminal 3. From that moment I vowed to take my own advice: to pack light and travel hand luggage only. It was just a shame that a taxi driver in Pisa managed to embellish mine with a cigarette burn. Emirates has one of the most generous at 30kg, but most scheduled airlines, including British Airways, Virgin, Qantas, Air New Zealand and American Airlines, have a limit of 23kg. Which ever method you choose, it’s amazing how rarely the weight you come up with at home matches the weight at check in.
If you’re near the upper limit, for the sake of your stress levels, and those of people in the queue behind you, place a couple of heavier items at the top of your case which can be quickly removed.

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