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Thatll clamp the fit kit to the load bar and also to keep the load bar from sliding left to right as well. 162953CommentsThe square load bars are one of 2-3 components vehicle dependent required to complete an installation.
The Crossroad roof rack has square crossbars and uses feet that clamp to the door jamb of your Jeep. Central Vermont's favorite store for outdoor gear since we opened our doors in 1974 - everything you need for your "Muscles Not Motors" adventures. Catch up on the special deals, our latest sales and new products by joining our e-newsletter. For this application Thule recommends the 43 inch long AeroBlade bars you can use bars that are longer if you need to carry more, but keep in mind the general rule of thumb is not to exceed the width of your side view mirrors. Nice bars, strong and I like the rubber inserts on the top which will do well to keep things such as plywood or other such items from slipping. Product fits perfectly on my 2012 Kia Optima Turbo with the sunroof, which still can easily be opened with the roof rack system installed.
Well use the Thule Square Load Bars, 58-inches long and the Podium Roof Mounted Foot Pack and Thule Fit Kit, part number THKIT3069. The threaded rod just goes right through the bottom of the foot pack and then we can put our remaining hardware on top of that.
The crossbars extend several inches beyond the outer edge of the car as if it were not taylor made for this car. Although I have not yet installed the hardware, it looks like it will work and fit my 86 4Runner. Very easy to work with eTrailer, great follow-up from the rep (George J) and they arrived on a timely basis.
There are several options but if you want quiet then you will want to go with either a Whispbar system.
Whether that means cycling, running, hiking, backpacking or walking the dog, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right clothing, equipment or knowledge to fit your needs and to make the most of your adventures! Now that we have our AeroBlade roof rack installed we are ready to take it out for a test drive. Were going to start off our load bars loosely assembled according to instructions, so we need to do some work yet.
With that, thatll finish it for the test fit of the Thule Roof Rack System on our 2010 Mazda CX9. These racks are a must have for anyone who uses their vehicle for biking, water sports, snow sports, camping, transporting wood, etc. In fact, the directions made specific reference to Ford and I specifically ordered this for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. If extension beyond the foot and roof are not desired there is also the Edge system for vehicles which eliminate at the attachment point.
Due to a surgery I just had I have be unable to put it on my Jeep, but the way everything has gone so far with etrailer and their customer service I expect I will have no problems and plan I doing more business in the future with them. I do not appreciate that and this will be the last time we purchase anything from etrailer.

Come on in to Onion River Sports, our Montpelier, VT flagship store or check out any of our online stores. Then we will make sure we have them set at the same spot on either side of the vehicle so that the bars are running perpendicular to our factory raised side rails. The only reason that they don't get five stars is that aligning them is a little difficult due to the feet hanging up in the tracks when positioning them. Once were satisfied with the placement, we can go ahead and install the lock washer and nut. The low-profile, arced shape of the bars couples with the unique WindDiffuser stripping to produce a bar that is so quiet you'll forget you even have a rack on your car. Thule also includes rubber stripping to fill in the gap and help keep noise down on the underside of the cross bar.
You can check the fit instructions to figure out where you need to get the measurement slider to get the foot in the correct position. There is no wind noise up to 55-65mph and the some wind noise after that range, nothing major though.
Thule offers a load carrier solution with a sleek modern design, perfect fit and the flexibility that comes with a kt based system.
Next, well go ahead and install the threaded rod and then the sleeve goes over the threaded rod. Then the day it was dropped off at my house I was sent an email confirming it was just delivered. Many factory and aftermarket roof racks produce an annoying whistle that can only be quelled by adding a fairing to your system.
It also managed to decrease the drag force by 55 when compared to the Thule Rapid Aero cross bar. The Rapid Crossroad feet use a rubber coated steel band that wraps around our factory side rails.
For example, it was unclear where to measure 10 inches back (side or center) from my windshield as to how far the bars should sit. The only time that wind noise is really noticable is when it is really windy before driving. Their customer service is amazing, shipping is fast, and their prices are usually the best.
The coating material is also soft enough that it won't scratch items being loaded onto them.
We will repeat the same proceedure on the other 3 feet and then we will be ready to install it on our vehicle. As we tighten the foot down the foot locks onto our side rails and it also secures the AeroBlade bar into place.
At first I measure from the center, but that was clearly incorrect as I reviewed videos on line of the bars being measured from the side.
I ordered them from etrailer on the Tuesday before Christmas, and 2 days later they arrived in the mail UPS !
When no accessories are mounted, the included WindDiffuser rubber stripping covers the slot.

We will move back and forth from the drivers side to the passenger side as we tighten down to make sure the crossbar tighten downs evenly.
Then I heard howling and whistling and thought, hmmm, maybe I should install the rubber into the top and underside, even in the sliders -that did the trick!
This textured surface disturbs the air flowing over the bar, tripping it to create turbulence. We will place the rear bar into position and then like the front we will check to make sure the overhang on either side is even and we will also measure from the center of our front bar to the center of the rear bar to make sure the bar runs perpendicular to the side rails and it runs parallel with the front bar. The result is less wind noise, little or no annoying whistle, and a more aerodynamic rack. Once we have the crossbar into position we will go ahead and use the same tightening procedure we used with the front bar. Bottom line: if I went on-line and viewed videos of the installation first, I would have gotten it right the first time. This crossbar does not have a full-length teardrop-type tail; rather, it is cut off, leaving a square end at the rear of the bar. The aerodynamic effect is essentially the same as it would be if the bar continued into a full teardrop shape.
Air continues to move over it in a streamlined fashion, flowing along the bar as it would if the tail were complete.
Once you have installed or removed whatever accessories you need in the T-slot, close the end cap and your ready to go. Because there is no tail, though, the bar is smaller and weighs less.Strong, Durable ConstructionThe Thule AeroBlade load bars are constructed of extruded aluminum to ensure an extra-sturdy roof-rack system. During the extrusion process, metal is shaped to form a complex design on the interior of each bar, as seen in the cross section of the AeroBlade. This process creates crossbars that are primarily hollow but still reinforced for added strength. This molded material lines the bottom slots of each bar and is scored and numbered to directly correspond with the instructions included in your custom mounting kit.
With the AeroBlade you can slide accessories into the T-slots without having to wrestle off an endcap. Rubber coated steel clamping straps provide maximum security and unmatched strength while protecting existing rails from surface damage.
Turn the factory installed raised rails on your vehicle into a versatile, multipurpose rack system.
The iron grip of the Rapid Crossroad, provided by the flexible steel clamping strap, allows for unmatched strength and security when mounting carriers to the roof of your vehicle.

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