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Suddenly, you realize that your brand-new fat bike doesn’t even remotely fit on your current bike rack. Based in Wisconsin, where they have liked fat bikes since before they were cool, 1UP already had one of the simplest, sturdiest tray mount bike racks on the market. The rack comes ready to mount and includes the necessary hardware for attaching to a variety of bars, including Thule, Yakima, or various factory bars. Make sure the tires are centered in the arms (they should be automatically), give each lever a final tug to make sure it’s secure, and you’re done!
Note that while the rack is secured to the vehicle with the security bolts, there is no inherent method for locking the bike to the rack. Around town driving, navigating curbs, dirt roads, even highway speeds… nothing phases this rack. Fortunately, I was able to isolate the source of the noise pretty easily, and $1.99 for some small, felt stick-on pads at the craft store solved the issue completely.
When not in use, the arms that secure the bike by its wheels fold flat, and the whole thing is nicely low-profile.
Whether you go with the roof mount, or the $299-and-up modular hitch mount, you’ll be securely hauling your fatty in no time with 1UP. Having grown up riding and wrenching on BMX bikes, Corey discovered mountain biking after moving to Colorado in 2004. The 1up Quik-Rack Roof Tray is made from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware and will look great on your vehicle for years to come. When choosing which 1UPUSA Roof Tray to order it is important to measure the cross bars of your vehicle's roof rack to ensure proper fit and clearance.

Then you further realize that putting it inside the car all slushy and gross is not really a viable option either.
Due to the way their rack is designed, all that was required to adapt it to fat bikes was the addition of some spacers and a wider tire cradle. The overall function is the same and the basic hardware is similar, however the trays are drilled differently for each application. There are no published instructions, but 30 seconds of inspection reveals the path to installation.
These interface with some standard stainless steel carriage bolts available at any hardware store, which is a good thing as the ones that came with my kit were waaaaay too long.
With a little elbow grease, I think this hardware combo could actually crush my Thule bars. Judging by shadows and some furtive glances out the moonroof, it is substantially more stable than my Thule BigMouth trays, even with the Fatback versus my daughter’s lighter 26er Giant Trance. Even with the adapter installed for fat bike use, guess what: it can still accommodate a regular bike!
I noticed on both my car and my wife’s that wind noise is reduced in comparison to my Thule trays.
My fat bike is held more securely than it is in my Thule tray mount, and there is also no contact with any painted bike surfaces.
As I was reading I was wondering if it held non-fatbikes just as easily…so thanks for a thorough and thoughtful testing. All bikes with wheel sizes from 16 to 29 inch and as wide as 3-? inch will fit the Quik-Rack Roof Tray.

The fat tire adapter is available as an add-on for a previously-purchased hitch or roof-mounted rack, or a new rack can be ordered already converted. To get started, before picking up the bike, trip the release lever with one hand, and open the swing arm. Installation and usage are a breeze, and the tray’s low profile when not in use is also nice. To be fair, I think a 26er would require unbolting and lowering the cross piece, but I have tested it with a 29er and a 650b, and they both fit just as easily and securely as the fat bike. While it’s not exactly optimal to have to go get bolts and felt pads to complete an installation, the good still outweighs the bad by a long shot.
I tend to open the back to approximately where it will end up, and then open the front all the way. This way, when the bike is lifted into place, it can roll back into the rear arm, leaving a hand free to pull in the front arm.
The locking mechanism is ratcheting, so there is no need to hold the lever when closing the arms, only for opening them.

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