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So pleased with this purchase for my beautiful 10 years old 95-pound rotty who has difficulty getting up to stand and whose joints hurt. I hope this firm yet supportive and cooler mattress improves her quality of life in this last chapter. Her meds help but a good bed such as this will also do her much good. I know I won't have to worry about what it's made of or if it's toxic because of higher American standards, also that Americans and American manufacturers love their pets! [...]

Our dog beds are made from orthopedic memory foam. We’ve been making the best luxury and designer dog beds with therapeutic memory foam for years. We’re also one of the largest dog beds suppliers online. We put every bit of “Your Dog in Mind” comfort and manufacturing technology into our dog beds. All of our orthopedic dog beds are handmade and built with the same materials as your personal mattress and will last for years. Cheap foam dog mattresses can break down fast and even though the mattress may come back to shape, it’s not supporting your dog as he/she lays on it.

Think about it, when you lay on a soft cheap mattress it sinks until it hits the bottom of what it’s laying on. So you really just have a cheap layer between you and whatever your mattress is laying on. We don’t think yourpet would like lying on that cheap dog bed either.

The second and bottom layer of our orthopedic memory foam keeps the dog bed firm enough for the heavier dogs and prevents the bed from sinking and bottoming out.

The best dog beds made are Orthopedic Memory Foam. We’re sure you love your pets like we do!Then you would want them to have a healthy, comfortable orthopedic memory foam dog bedtoo?

Our Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds are:

  • 100% USA Made
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Orthopedically Supportive
  • Supports Up To 300 lbs
  • Certi-Pur Certified Non-Toxic
  • Temperature Regulating Gel Memory Foam
  • Machine Washable Removable Cover

Have you ever had a terrible night because the bed you slept on was hard, uncomfortable and terrible for your back? Remember how you felt? That’s exactly the same way dogs feel when they spend the night on bumpy and rough surfaces, and we are pretty sure you don’t want that.

As dog lovers and dog owners, our dogs are more than just mere animals or pets; they are actually some of our most reliable companions even if we don’t see them that way. That’s why we have to do what it takes to make sure they are always in their best elements. That includes paying good attention to where they spend their nights.

Seeing your trusty companion rise up early in the morning looking all stiff and sore isn’t a sight that any pet lover should enjoy seeing, because making sure your dog is comfortable and at ease isn’t a luxury, itis a necessity. Remember that a happy dog is a healthy dog. That’s one reason why thousands of veterinarians around the country are recommending orthopedic beds for their patients. Orthopedic beds are designed to provide maximum support to the joints, back and any other part of the body.

Orthopedic beds work by providing an equally strong reaction to the weight resting against it, ensuring that your dog wakes up feeling strong and healthy after a good night’s sleep – and a healthy dog will save you thousands of dollars at the vets later on.

You will get the best selection of orthopedic dog beds and luxury dog beds across the country. From beds with cozy covers to mattresses designed by some of the leading technicians in the industry, you get a wide range of options to find a luxury bed for your dog.

And if you are just looking for a really simple dog bed where your aging mutt can retire in peace, then you definitely need to go through our catalogue, and find that one that suits you perfectly.

Our furniture style dog beds will look great in your house and will blend in with your home furniture, because we have serval colors to choose from.

These designer dog beds come in 4 colors: Charcoal Grey, Light Tan, Chocolate Suede, & Blue Denim.


Our Orthopedic Dog Beds have a top layer of Memory Foam that allows the foam to mold its self around your dog's body. The memory foam helps relieve pressure points and prevent bed sores. The orthopedic foam follows all furniture industry standards. This Gel Technology helps keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The memory foam dog beds come in 5 sizes: XXLarge- XLarge- Large- Medium- Small


Our designer dog bed covers are water resistant for up to 2 hours in standing water. This helps with puppies and older dogs that may have problems holding their bladder. The water resistant cover will keep your new orthopedic dog bed covered from spills and damage. Each dog mattress is stress tested under extreme conditions. Our designer memory foam dog beds are made with the same material found in hospital beds.The covered foam has a durable 12 ounce zippered removable fabric. These covers are made to be removed and washed at home in your machine. Our fabric is poly-backed water resistant material.


We’re confident that you and your dog will love this bed that westand behind our product 100%. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year manufacturer warranty on all materials and workmanship. These are the largest orthopedic memory foam dog beds made, if you’re not happy with your new orthopedic dog bed then return it with no questions asked. Our dog beds are fully made in the USA from foam to zipper to cover and the quality is evident. We have no competition in quality and performance.

Our goal is simply to give you a variety of answers to all the pressing needs of your dogs. So do have fun shopping.

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