Nutrisystem Reviews

The current obesity levels are quite shocking when there are so many effective diet solutions available. This Nutrisystem reviews article explains this particular program to help you decide if it's the perfect one for you or not.

The age old process of losing weight has many methods and techniques that can be used to achieve your own personal goals.

If dieting to get there is one of them, then you are probably just a little curious to know about some of the more popular diet systems.

reviews of nutrisystemThere are plenty to choose from, there is no denying it. But what you need to do is consider what it the most compatible way of doing this to match your lifestyle and needs.

For instance, plenty of people want to know how Nutrisystem works because it gets a lot of favorable press and there is a huge number of people that claim they have successfully lose weight with it.

It has a high profile and that makes it attractive to people who are looking for a convenient way to shed those excess pounds and lose a few inches from their waistlines while they're about it.

So if you were wondering about this diet in particular, then here, in a nutshell, is how it works.

Getting Started

First of all, you select the kind of diet that best suits you personally and you can choose from their diet plans tailored for men, women, those over 60, diabetics and vegetarians as well as a Select plan that comes with fresh frozen food. Then you simply order it via their website and sit back to wait for delivery, which is usually a few days.

When you receive your package, open the box and store it all away somewhere cool and dry and in the case of frozen meals, put them in the freezer. Then simply take each meal as you need it, follow the simple instructions on the pack and you are sitting down to your meal in no time at all.

Convenient Dieting

This really is one of the most convenient ways of dieting thanks to all the hard work already having been done for you! There's no cooking or messing about in the kitchen preparing special meals for yourself. There's no hassle with calorie counting or chart filling because none of it is necessary.

It really is a great way to lose that excess weight and keep your free time for doing the thing that are important to you.

Is Nutrisystem the Best Diet?

With the emphasis on taking the easiest path to dieting success foe many people, especially those with busy lifestyles, choosing the right kind of diet is not really as tough as it used to be.

With some top quality commercial diet plans available at a very reasonable price, that choice is made even easier. One of the top programs comes from Nutrisystem, but with all the good press this diet company tends to attract, is it really the best of them all when all things are considered? We take a look and see.

How Good is Nutrisystem?

You can read any number of very good write ups on the diet and you'll get a good Nutrisystem diet review of how it works, but reading about it is one thing. Actually doing it is another.

And then being able to compare it with other diet companies such as its main rival Jenny Craig, or the other nationwide delivery companies that provide a fresh meal menu such as Bistro MD, Diet-to-Go and eDiets, would make the decision complete. But how are you going to know unless you try them all?

Is Nutrisystem Expensive?

Chances are, you simply won't be able to afford to try them all as they rise in price for their standard menus and Nutrisystem is actually the least expensive of those just mentioned. The cost is a highly important factor in many people's final decision, so being the cheapest of the major diet food delivery companies certainly puts them high above the others in the desirability stakes.

What Does Nutrisystem Cost Per Month?

The prices vary from plan to plan and you can get a first month discount when you sign up for auto delivery, which is the default choice. This can mean month one costs as little as around $300 for the Basic plan for women.

The second month will be charged at full price, but you'll need to visit the official website to get the most up to day prices, as they may change after I publish this article. I don't want to give you inaccurate information!

Nutrisystem Meal Quality

The meal quality is also a big factor as its no good getting your diet plan for the best price only to find you can't eat the food because it is not to your tastes. The company's diet plans are made up of a combination of 30% fresh frozen meals which are of good quality and the rest are processed meals and some with freeze dried ingredients such as some of the pasta and rice dishes.

Overall the quality is on par with Jenny Craig, although inferior to Bistro MD and Diet-2-Go as these companies only send out fresh frozen or fresh chilled meals respectively.

How Much Food Does Nutrisystem Ship?

The plan lasts for four weeks (28 days) at a time. For each day, there are three main meals plus snack bars and protein shakes.

For the Basic and Core plans, all of the meals come in a single large box in individual packets. For Uniquely Yours plans, the main meals are frozen, individually packaged and need to be stored in a freezer.

Will I Need to Buy Grocery Items?

The recommendation is to buy additional grocery items from the store to add to the main meals if you want. The best options are fresh, leafy green vegetables as they are very low calorie and highly nutritious.

Doing this will certainly enhance the meals, make them appear larger and be more filling. However this is a recommendation and is not obligatory as the meals supplied by the company are nutritionally complete.

Does Nutrisystem Give You Gas?

There have been some instances where customers experience flatulence when starting a diet with Nutrisystem. This generally doesn't last more than a few days and is mostly due to the body having to get used to eating different meals.

It can be more pronounced if you are adding leafy green vegetables to the main meals as they increase in fiber makes the digestive process more efficient and many people who have gained weight through eating too much processed junk food are simply not accustomed to this healthy option.

What is Nutrisystem Auto Delivery?

When you get the first month with a discount, usually through a promotional offer, you are automatically enrolled in the auto delivery program. That means your second and subsequent months of food are automatically shipped and your credit card debited unless you phone to cancel in advance.

It's something the customer must remember to do or face getting another month of diet meals. Good if you really like the diet but bad if you don't and wanted to quit but didn't know you had to manually cancel!

How Can I Cancel?

This trait is not exclusive to Nutrisystem and the other companies do something similar. So whatever you end up deciding to opt for, you should remember that the onus is on you to cancel long before you complete your current package of meals.

be aware that if you take the first month discount, you are obligated to pay for at least one additional month of food. If you try and cancel before the second month, you will incur a penalty for early cancellation and the discount plus free shipping cost may be taken from your credit card.

The best advice is that if you only want to do one month, then pay full price for it and contact customer service to tell them this is your intention. You can cancel anytime without penalty this way. Otherwise, be prepared to stay on the diet for at least two months, which in any case is a better strategy, as a single month is really not enough to lose weight and keep it off in the longer term.

How Long Should I Stay on Nutrisystem?

One of the best tips to make this diet work for you is to just stick with it and don't cheat.

It'll work for you if you do only this, but you can make it even better by drinking lots of plain water and getting some exercise too. As to being the best, Nutrisystem is a good diet and easy to do, while being a great time saver in that you don't have to make any meals yourself, but it is beaten on quality by one or two other companies, just not on price.

You can find out a lot more about this particular meal replacement home delivery dieting program and how it can help you to lose weight. That includes losing it in what has to be the easiest manner available these days in this excellent article that covers the main diet aspects of Nutrisystem.

As long as you stick to the diet and do not cheat, you will lose weight. It really is as simple as that!

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