How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost

When looking for an affordable meal replacement diet solution, a common question is: "How much does Nutrisystem cost per month and per day?"

Let's take a look at the several specific plans the company provides for its customers and see how they stack up on price.

I'll be looking at just what does Nutrisystem cost per month or per day to give you an idea of what you'll need to be prepared to spend when you decide you're going to lose weight with this program no matter what!

nutrisystem costYou may be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable this program is. Especially when you compare it with what you are currently already spending on a daily basis for food that made you (and is keeping you) overweight.

There are several different diet plans provided by Nutrisystem to their customers and each is specific for a particular group. The idea behind their creation was to provide different types of people with more closely tailored diet plans to suit their own personal circumstances.

Sensible, Affordable Dieting

This makes a lot of sense, because no two people are completely alike and the same is true for losing weight. But what about the costs involved in working with this program.

One thing I've noticed is that the company has a habit of changing its base prices regularly by a small amount through the year. I guess that's to account for differing customer sign-up rates in different seasons.

It also runs a lot of discount promotions leading up to certain seasons. For example, summer is a big push for the company.

That makes it difficult to provide accurate exact pricing for each diet plan on this page. That's becaise it can change without notice and I don't want to be giving you the wrong price, even if it was correct a day or two ago!

To avoid that happening, since I don't want to have to keep updating this page every few days, I'll provide some ballpark figures that will be close enough to give you a good idea of what you can expect when you land on the official company website's sign-up page.

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What You Will Discover

Along with looking at the basic prices involved with the overall Nutrisystem cost, this article also takes an overview look at the different diet plans provided by the company that has been helping people to lose weight for over three decades. They've been doing that with convenient, easy to use diets that are delivered to your home.

The diets themselves come under the two main groups of diets for men and diets for women and then can be subdivided down into the more specialist diet types.

These include the regular plans, those for the over 60's, named "Silver Diet Plans", those for diabetics (Nutrisystem D), those for vegetarians and the Uniquely Yours plans which are made up of frozen meals. So, how much does Nutrisystem cost per month, or per day?

Approximate Daily Costs for Each Plan:

Remember, this is only a guide and actual costs will differ depending on the time of year or whatever promotion is running currently. See the official website for accurate, current prices. Now let's look at how Nutrisystem works and the specific plans:

Nutrisystem Diet Plans

Basic and Core Diet Plans

These are for the majority of people in the age group between 20 and 60, although they can be used by just about anybody and there are really no restrictions on who can make use of these plans to lose weight. The Basic Plan menus are set with some variation allowed since these are the lowest cost plans from the company.

In 2020, the Core Plan for men and women was dropped from the menus, although the Core Diabetic Plans (men and women) was retained (see below).

The Core Diabetic Plan is more flexible than the Basic. That means you can either let Nutrisystem choose your menu for you, or you can sit down and choose the meals you want. This level of flexibility is considered by many to be one of the company's great strengths in their choice of weight loss diet meals.

Diabetic Diet Plans

Nutrisystem D plans, as you can obviously see are tailored for diabetics and contain specially prepared meals that are suitable for those people who are suffering form diabetes. They contain sugar free dessert and snack options as well as including more of the low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrate based main meals that are recommended for this group.

The "D" plans can be found in three sections: Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours, providing a greater depth of flexibility. The costs of each plan tends to be the same as the regular Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours plans for men and women.

Silver Diet Plans

These meals used to be tailored for the over 60s and contain choices that complement the metabolism of people in that age group, as well as having the choices in menu that appeals to anyone preferring the home cooked style of meals rather than the variations on modern, fast food options.

However, the company appears to have dropped this version of the plans in favor of simplifying the process.

Uniquely Yours Plans

The Uniquely Yours Plan (replaces "Select") diet meals are the next generation of Nutrisystem meals that are designed for those who love to eat frozen desserts such as ice cream and other tasty things that previously would have been taboo in any low calorie diet.

The company have pulled out all the stops to create a frozen meal menu that includes some really exciting meal variations while keeping the calorie count within bounds.

Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plans

The Uniquely Yours Ultimate Plan takes all the best from the standard Uniquely Yours plan and makes it even better. They have done this by including additional Probiotic power shakes to boost the fat burning ability of your body.

There is also an additional snack for you to have each day to ensure you never get hungry, as well as full access to all the amazing, high quality 160+ menu items and fresh frozen meals that are available for the Uniquely Yours Plan.

Nutrisystem for Women

These meals are tailored to what the woman prefers to eat and provides a highly versatile and varied choice of meals that anyone would enjoy eating as their daily diet plan. The emphasis is on salads, pasta and healthy main meals with lots of vegetables and healthy options that are both tasty and satisfying.

Nutrisystem for Men

Lastly, the men who need to go on a diet are often left feeling hard done by when presented with just a plate of salad or something equally "unmanly." So this diet plan goes the extra mile to provide the kind of food men like to eat while keeping the calories under control.

So you'll find the emphasis more on pizza, burgers, pies and suchlike that taste great and look like they were meant for a guy to enjoy.


That about sums up the different meal plans in a nutshell. Prices are very affordable starting from around only $10 per day ($280 per month) for all your meals (3 meals a day plus snacks) for a 28 day period.

For more information, please visit the official Nutrisystem website for a rundown on the exact meals that are available for each plan and up to the minute pricess. If you want to take advantage of the current 50% OFF deal, click/tap the promotional image below and save money!

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For an honest, unbiased review of the company and its diets, you can read our own great Nutrisystem diet review and learn a lot more about this company from a user based viewpoint.

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