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Best NordVPN Coupon Of The Year

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Best NordVPN Coupon

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NordVPN Review: One of The Best VPN Services

VPN service by NordVPN allows users to browse anonymously and securely at an affordable price. The virtual private network servers being used employ OpenVPN tunneling protocol and AES 256-bit encryption which provides double data protection. NordVPN has continuously improved in performance over the years. It is very easy to find a fast server with NordVPN's vast network and to get speeds matching that of the ISP. NordVPN has gradually added hundreds of new servers to their network. Bandwidths have increased, and loads are efficiently spread across the network.

NordVPN Coupon Code

All the apps have been updated with a better firewall-based kill switch which has vastly increased the security. The traffic is blocked completely in case the VPN connection drops. A rule-based kill switch is available to force-quit applications in case of network interruptions. NordVPN provides almost consistent services on all platforms i.e. Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. No issues were found during reviewing the services. Netflix and torrenting are not hampered and speeds are amazing and consistent.

The biggest advantage of NordVPN is that the service has great value for money. It is relatively priced lower than other VPN services. It is rated very highly due to its pricing scheme starting from $2.99 per month. Also, subscribers can use the NordVPN coupon to get a whopping 75% discount for 3-year plans. Each plan is clearly explained on the website. The website calculates and shows the effective monthly rate, the billing frequency and the total payment amount. The signup process is simple and no personal information is required except email id. The payment has support for cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies and other channels such as Alipay. The company offers a free 3-day trial, which does not require any payment details. All subscribers get NordVPN's 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the services, you can cancel in the first 30 days and get a full refund.

NordVPN Setup

Once you sign-up, you can install a client right away. VPN Apps links are given on the website, and the website automatically detects and offers you the client download link for your device. There are more than 80 tutorials that explain how to manually set up the service which includes Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Raspberry Pi, etc.  NordVPN has lots of Windows tutorials which cover regular client installation and manual setup guidance for the various protocols for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Once the client opens, it displays many locations on a map. The map is dynamic and left clicking any location will connect you to the service. To access a specific server location, you'll have to pan to that area of the map. Zoom in to the location marker so that the location doesn't get overlapped. The map location and zoom level are lost if you quit the app or reboot your system.

How to setup NordVPN

NordVPN app also provides a countries panel, which is alphabetically-sorted. You can scroll to a country, get connected easily. There is also a "More" button which displays a list of servers and cities within that country. This is an important feature for a big country and can make a significant difference in performance. You need to scan the list for the cities and if required, you can them to favorite.

The NordVPN client offers a "Speciality" panel, where one can choose servers for a task like P2P access, Tor access or double encryption. For instance, if you can click P2P the app will choose the fastest server automatically. You can also browse the full set and choose a server manually. One can also add a server to "Favorites" list making it easier to find later.

Once the locations are configured, the rest of the client is much simpler to use. You need to just tap a server and NordVPN connects to it. The interface displays your connection status and the location you're using. Even a windows desktop notification shows you when the VPN is turned on and off. If you're connected to NordVPN, you don't have to close one connection to open another. Clicking on a server will automatically disconnect the current connection and reconnect to your choice. So, the server switching process is very simple.

The settings tab can allow you to launch NordVPN on startup. The client can automatically connect to the most commonly-used server every time it launches. NordVPN's kill switch blocks all access to the internet unless you're connected to the VPN. A separate app kill switch is also available which closes apps if the VPN connection drops such as your torrent client. One can toggle between OpenVPN TCP and UDP, which is hidden in the "Advanced Settings" panel. NordVPN client provides the option to set the preferred DNS for all VPN connections. If done correctly, replacing the DNS can improve browsing speed.

NordVPN - Pros of The VPN Service

NordVPN claims to be "The World's Most Advanced VPN" due to its speed and security. Some of the pros which support this claim are listed below.

NordVPN Pros

Features rich service:

OpenVPN tunneling protocols:

OpenVPN standards are 256-AES-CBC with a 2048bit Diffie-Hellman key. For iOS and MacOS clients, encryption is via an IKEv2/IPsec protocol with AES-256-GCM and a 3072bit DH key. The security systems comply with industry standard encryption algorithms.

Double Data Protection:

With this feature enabled, double encryption is relayed through two subsequent VPN server before it reaches the destination web page or application. Additionally, the second VPN server will not identify the original IP address and connections are made via both UDP and TCP protocols. This is an extra security step, but will not be required if you use VPN for torrenting and Netflix unblocking. This feature taxes the speed to some extent due to double data encryption.

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Safe VPN Jurisdiction - Panama:

NordVPN is based out of Panama and is operated by Tefincom co S.A. This practice is common for all top VPNs. All of them are located independent countries that don't share logging information such as Switzerland, Singapore, Caymans, British Virgin Islands, etc.

No Logging Policy:

Unlike other VPN services, NordVPN doesn't store log data. They monitor some traffic data such as:

These traffic data are collected by almost all VPN providers. NordVPN has also added a security featured WifiSec which automatically initiates a VPN connection whenever a wifi network is joined. This can be set to auto-connect to NordVPN on both secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Torrent and Netflix unhampered:

NordVPN servers work great with Torrent clients and bypassing any geo-restrictions on sites like Netflix. Not all servers work with Netflix as Netflix is monitoring and cracking down IPs that belong to VPNs. But 4 out of 5 works with Netflix, which is praiseworthy. NordVPN servers which work with Netflix are those of the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Canadian server of NordVPN is blocked by Netflix. In case of any issue, customer support can help you the choose the right servers for streaming.

The great news for people who browse P2P websites and use clients, torrenting is safe and fast. P2P servers of NordVPN keep all torrenting activities safe and private. The P2P servers can be accessed via "specialty" servers listed on their application. NordVPN has numerous features which make it great for torrenting such as a strict no logging policy, DNS and traffic leak protection, payment via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and Double VPN and Onion Over VPN.


Great and consistent speed:

NordVPN has invested heavily to make sure it stays on top regarding speed. The best VPNs servers managed to provide average download speeds of 70 Mbps+ and upload speeds of 74+ Mbps.

So, the verdict is that NordVPN is a relatively fast VPN provider out there.

IP or DNS Leak protection:

Some tests using websites like IPLeak.net and Perfect-Privacy.com showed that IP nor DNS is not getting leaked when using NordVPN. No IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks were identified on any OS.

Decent Customer Support:

Email id of NordVPN support is support@nordvpn.com and a live chat service is also available. The expectation from any customer service of VPN service is a database of tutorials, how-to guides, and quick response. NordVPN has recently started offering 24/7 live chat support. The live chat customer support is quick to help. The email support is quick too. NordVPN has a great "Help Center" knowledge base with over 500 guides and tutorials.

CyberSec Ad-blocking:

CyberSec is a new security feature by NordVPN that has a filter for malicious sites and blocks advertisement and tracking. The advertising domains are blocked very effectively on different sites.

Tor support:

NordVPN offers three servers for Tor (onion) network, which are Netherlands, Sweden, and Latvia. The speeds can be on the lower side, but the reason is not that of NordVPN but that of the Tor network.

Support in China:

NordVPN can unblock websites and content censored in China. Subscribers in China can connect to a server and use it to bypass the Great Firewall. In case of failure, NordVPN has detailed instructions for the users to tweak certain settings to enable "Obfuscated Servers". Although a small amount of latency might be felt, most users won't notice the difference in overall speed. The obfuscated servers feature is available only for Windows, Android and MacOS versions of the app.

NordVPN Mobile

NordVPN - Cons of The VPN Service

NordVPN offers 30 days money back guarantee, but the processing time can extend to another 30 days. This is a caveat in the process as other VPNs provide refund almost instantly with waiting time of 7-14 days. But these issues will get streamlined in the near future for sure.

The search for reliable servers can be sometimes trial and hit. But given the list of servers which are suited for various purposes, a good server can be found the maximum number of times in one go itself.

CyberSec sometimes blocks legitimate sites, and the feature doesn't allow you to whitelist sites. If CyberSec feature prevents you from reaching a safe site, you can turn it off before you visit and turn it back on when you leave.

NordVPN Coupon – Verdict

NordVPN is highly recommended as it is secure, safe and fast. PCMag.com and CNet have also given it the editor's choice for VPN service. The services are easy to use. NordVPN coupon can help users geenrate more savings than others. The customer service is decent, and the knowledge base is vast. Over 4500 servers are spread across globally with special P2P servers for torrenting. Subscribers get a vast range of servers, which are optimized for specific purposes, to choose from. NordVPN has a true zero-logs policy. The features are great, and the pricing is extremely reasonable. NordVPN is highly recommended if the budget is limited.

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