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Nexcess Review

Nexcess Hosting Options:

Nexcess Hosting

Nexcess Magento Hosting

Nexcess offers the some of the best Magento hosting available. All their Magento hosting is specifically optimized for Magento, 100% PCI compliant and in their shared accounts they cap the number of accounts on each server, ensuring your Magento Ecommerce store will run quickly and efficiently for the best user experience and therefore most sales. Dedicated IPs are standard, and SSL certificates and CDNs are available, all with the standard top level Nexcess customer service and tech support. They have Magento 1 or 2 available and they can provide clustering for big stores, and they even offer servers in the US, UK, the Netherlands, and Australia. Dedicated servers are available and quite affordable for those who need the most performance out of their ecommerce store. Conversely, shared reseller account are available for designers/web developers and those looking to start their own Magento web hosting businesses.

Nexcess Wordpress Hosting

Nexcess has fantastic Wordpress hosting available. They follow Wordpress best practices for server environment to produce super-fast Wordpress websites. For shared server accounts, there is a cap on the number of accounts allowed on each server, unlike other shared environment hosts where they pack as many accounts onto a server as they can possibly fit until the server is bursting at the seams. SSL certificates and CDNs are available, and they have servers in the US, UK, the Netherlands, and Australia. If you're Wordpress website hits is really big and you need your server to be able to handle a large website and tons of traffic, then you can upgrade to a dedicated server. Wordpress designers and web developers can use a reseller account, or you can use one of those if you're looking to start a Wordpress hosting company quickly and easily. Finally, free site migration is a nice little cherry on top.

Nexcess ExpressionEngine Hosting

If you have an ExpressionEngine site, you need to seriously consider getting an ExpressionEngine optimized hosting plan from Nexcess. Available in shared, dedicated server, or reseller, the hosting environment is optimized for ExpressionEngine, and comes with the normal superb Nexcess customer service and tech support. Free site migration makes it easy to transfer your site over, and CDN, SSL, or a dedicated IP are all available.

Nexcess OroCRM Hosting

OroCRM is a customer relationship management software from the same people who created Magento, and as such is pairs perfectly with a Magento site. The Nexcess dedicated server package is a fantastic, highly optimized and powerful option to run OroCRM and integrate it with your Magento site. Nexcess server management will keep everything running smoothly for you so that you can focus on sales and customers.

Nexcess Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most affordable option for a Nexcess hosting account, but low pricing doesn't mean that corners get cut. You get the same enterprise level hardware and exceptional customer support. Shared hosting has all the addons available like SSL certificates if you grow larger and need the additional options. Shared hosting is a fantastic way to get started with a small website and easy upgrades allow your Nexcess account to grow with you.

Nexcess Reseller Hosting

Get the same solid hardware as the Nexcess shared hosting package, but with additional reseller capabilities designed to help you get your startup web hosting company up and running, or to keep your web design/development customers happy, organized, and securely isolated.

Nexcess Dedicated Servers

If you need a more powerful and more flexible server setup to run your app or website, then look no further than a Nexcess dedicated server. Low base pricing, but with tons of a-la-carte upgrades and options, you can get exactly what you need from the simplest dedicated server all the way up to an ultra-high level enterprise server with all the bells and whistles.

Nexcess Enterprise Hosting

For the biggest customers with the most demanding needs, Nexcess offers fully managed custom enterprise hosting. Its almost like having your own IT department working for you so you can get back to doing what you do best instead of trying to manage servers.

Nexcess Colocation

Nexcess has a SSAE 16 audited facility in Southfield, Michigan, and can colocate your hardware in their facility.

Nexcess Other Services

Nexcess offers a CDN as an upgrade or as a standard feature on all its hosting accounts to give you lightning fast load times and happy users. SSL certificates are available to keep your users secure, and domain registration is offered as a convenience. Daily backups up to 30 days in the past are offered on all Nexcess web hosting plans, which can be expanded to 90 days or even 365 days for your safety.

About Nexcess was founded in 2000 and has focused on four key components of its business: Performance, care, infrastructure, and compliance. With a focus on optimized environment for specific web packages like Wordpress and Magento, Nexcess beats the competition by as much as 1300% in performance. Speed and reliability are proving more and more important to users and search engines alike, so this performance advantage is a huge benefit for any site owner. The Nexcess support team is available 24/7/365 by email, live chat, and phone, and they are ready and waiting to provide you the best service you can fathom. Accessibility by phone is especially unique in this sphere, and really sets Nexcess apart. Nexcess has focused on building out a sustainable, high performance infrastructure to support its clients. With data centers available in the US, UK, Netherlands (serving the EU), and Australia, and with their own facility in Southfield Michigan available for colocation, Nexcess has the infrastructure to suppor any type of client from small to giant. Finally, Nexcess knows how important security and stability are for site owners, so their facilities all meet the stringent SSAE 16 testing and all ecommerce accounts are 100% PCI compliant.

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