Demos from ClanRing Tournament 3

This "t3demos" folder contains some of the game recordings from ClanRing Tournament 3. FYI these are recordings of Quake ("NetQuake") games, not QuakeWorld games, so you'll need an appropriate Quake engine to view/playback the demos.

This folder also contains a player model that I modified to display a unique skin (jersey number, helmet pattern, and highlight color) for each player of a 4-player team. Back in 1997/98 as the T3 demos were released, I edited them to make use of this model and show recognizably distinct players. This readme webpage is also mostly from 1997 so please cut it some slack. :-)

If you place this "t3demos" folder next to your "id1" folder, and start Quake using the "-game t3demos" command-line option, then you can watch the demos and see the per-player skins. Because there are several demo files in here with long filenames, it's nice to use a Quake engine that makes it easier to select and play demos. Here's a few recommendations about that:

Except for the LPB finals, all of the demos are chasecam demos, and they will be wobblier than first-person POV demos. There's nothing much that can be done about that. When watching a chasecam demo, give it a few minutes to see if you get used to it. And as mentioned above, DirectQ is a bad choice for watching chasecam demos.

One last comment before getting to the list of demos: these aren't all of the T3 demos by a long shot; even a lot of the demos from the quarters/semis/finals have gone missing over the years. If you happen to have any that I'm missing, let me know. (My contact address can be found in the page footer at

The Demos:

Below are the demo names for each match. The link on the clan names will show the rosters: the player lineup for each clan and how that player is marked in-game (requires JavaScript to be enabled).