Text to Speech Chrome Extension

Listen to Webpages and Google Docs

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Text Highlighting

As it’s reading, the text on the webpage is highlighted so you can easily follow along!

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Google Docs

NaturalReader can read directly from Google Docs! It is great for proofreading your documents.

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57 Natural Sounding Voices

Never be bored with the same voices again--NaturalReader includes access to 57 natural sounding voices.

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Free to Use

Free Voices are available for all users. Premium Voices are available to free users for up to 20 minutes/ day.

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Convert to MP3

Create audio MP3 files to listen to on your favourite device, so you can listen to it everywhere.

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Even more possibilities

You can sync files with NaturalReader Online, mobile, and other applications (coming soon).

Sit back, relax, press play

and enjoy having your articles, emails, or news read aloud to you.

NaturalReader is SMART!

Automatic text detection to retrieve only relevant text from webpages, avoiding annoying ads and menu text.

Dyslexia font included!

Its unique shapes may help ease some of the struggles dyslexic readers have when reading from typical font.

Convert to MP3!

Convert Google Docs and Webpages to MP3, so you can listen to it anywhere.

How it looks!

Smart reader to work with webpages, emails, and Google Docs