Trumansburg Travel Baseball

Players' Code of Conduct

1.  I shall be respectful toward and listen to coaches, parents, umpires, and other adults; I will try my best to follow their instruction.

2.  I shall work together with my teammates as a team -- I will not brag or criticize others, I will not be selfish, and I will help others improve and play their best.

3.  I shall act in a sportsmanlike manner.  I will not fight, use abusive or profane language, or criticize, antagonize, or tease with words or gestures any member of the opposing team.  I will win gracefully and lose with dignity, and I will shake hands with the opposing team after every game.

4.   I shall treat equipment, uniforms, and the playing field with respect.  I will not throw, break, or otherwise damage bats, helmets, or other gear.

5.  I shall accept the decisions of coaches, game officials, umpires, and administrators as being fair and made to the best of their ability.

6.  I shall follow all safety rules.  I will swing bats and throw balls in a safe manner and always be aware of those around me.  I will stay in the dugout when I am not supposed to be on the field of play, and I will wear a helmet when I am on deck, at bat, and on base.

7.  I shall not smoke or use tobacco, drink alcohol, or use illegal drugs at any time.

8.  I shall support the program and volunteer to help whenever possible.

9.  I shall be on time fully dressed and ready for practice and games at the designated times.

10.  I shall prepare myself both mentally and physically for each and every practice and game, and stay focused on my responsibilities from start to finish.  I will have a positive attitude and give maximum effort at all times.

11.  I understand that any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action (including suspension or termination of playing privileges) at the sole discretion of the coach or the Trumansburg Travel Baseball Board of Directors.