AAUA Evaluation Ratings



Attendance at AAUA Meetings


Score based on Coaches Evaluation Report


Peer Evaluation


Annual Rules Test


Score based on AAUA Evaluators Report









H/S lead varsity umpire.




H/S varsity second umpire. Weaker school lead varsity umpire. American Legion lead umpire. Connie Mack lead umpire.


Very Good


JV lead umpire. Varsity second umpire. Mickey Mantle lead umpire. Second umpire for legion ball.




JV second umpire. Men’s rec league lead umpire. Joe E Brown lead umpire. CBA lead umpire.



Second umpire on men’s rec games, Joe E Brown, and CBA.




These umpires don’t work baseball for players over 14 unless we are desperate.




Overall Program Objectives:
The program’s objective is to provide a functional and efficient mechanism for objective and effective ranking of umpires. This program will provide the AAUA President and board with meaningful data to assist in the rating of umpires. In addition, the evaluation program will provide feedback to all umpires to aid in their self improvement by identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses, and improving their future performance. The program will be administered jointly in cooperation with all members of AAUA and the AAUA appointed evaluators. The AAUA President and board will utilize


Umpire Evaluation Committee

  The Umpire Evaluation Committee will be comprised of representatives appointed by AAUA’s board. Peer evaluation reports must be forwarded to the committee within seven days of the completed game. The evaluation committee will calculate the average “Overall Evaluation” scores for each umpire using the above criteria. The evaluation board coordinator will then in conjunction with AAUA’s board assign the appropriate rating to all umpires who were rated. Each umpire will receive their respective average score for each evaluation that they received as well as their rating position. The Evaluation Committee members will be required to treat the raw data as confidential and not to be released, in part or whole, to anyone.


Coach Input Evaluation Description:
This program will be utilized for all varsity, junior varsity, regular season high school baseball games officiated by umpires from AAUA. Prior to the pre-game conference, the umpires will provide the head coach from each team with a crew card.  These cards will contain specific game information including date, umpire’s name and position (base / plate), and home and visiting school. The coaches will evaluate each umpire, for “appearance/attitude”, “rule interpretation/mechanics/game control”, and “teamwork / judgment (strike zone, out/safe, etc.)”. In addition, an overall evaluation score will be given based upon the above ratings.


Peer Input Evaluation Description:
This program will be utilized for all games, including Varsity, Junior Varsity, American Legion, Connie Mack, Mickey Mantle, Joe E Brown, CBA, Adult Leagues and Fall Season baseball games officiated by umpires from AAUA. Upon the completion of each game, each assigned umpire will complete the Game Report on the AAUA website. All umpires are strongly encouraged to utilize this website. However, if an umpire does not have internet access, the game report can be transmitted via phone call, or mail directly to the evaluation coordinator. This game report will include an umpire evaluation form that must be completed by each umpire for the other umpire(s) assigned to that game. A comment section is available to include any specific comments that maybe helpful to the evaluated umpire. Comments are required for any excellent and unsatisfactory evaluations, but also recommended for all evaluations. Game Reports must be completed and submitted to the AAUA website within 7 days of the completed game. Each individual umpire will be provided with a summary report that averages their respective evaluations, for varsity, sub varsity, youth, and adult game’s, and comments received from their peer evaluators. A minimum of 5 peer evaluations must be received for each umpire. All results will be given at the completion of the high school season and at the completion of summer/fall baseball season. The AAUA President and board will also receive a copy of all the umpire evaluation summary reports, including a ranking of all umpires.



AAUA Umpires

  1. Provide crew card to both the visiting and home coaches prior to the pre-game conference for all games umpired by AAUA. Crew cards will include specific game information.
  2. Complete Game Reports and associated "Peer Evaluation Forms" for partners within 7 days of the completed games. Reports and evaluations should be completed on-line if internet service is available.
  3. Review individual summary reports and comments to understand and improve performance in noted areas.
  4. Support the overall evaluation program and its objects.