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The good news for businesses looking to engage a corporate video production company is that many of the factors that affect the price of a video have been going down over the last few years. Costs: The length of time and equipment used to capture the b-roll will increase production costs. Costs: Expect to pay between %10 and %30 more to develop interactivity and flash support elements into your video. Costs: Adapting multiple formats for a video could add %5 to %10 percent to the cost of the job depending on how much editing is required. Corporate Video Production, General, Managing Video Projects, Resources, Starting a Video Project, Top 10 Posts Corporate Video, Video Production Costs.
A truly awesome post – The key to good production is time, skill and experience and this is what drives the main cost of a given production. Thanks JC – having worked in the creative services industry most of my working life I know how difficult it is to price out various creative services.
I tried to make it very clear (but obviously failed) that $1,000 a minute is a starting point for a basic web video. Great post, I wish Mexican medium size companies can realize this, because being a filmmaker in Mexico for corporate videos its so hard.
Great post…there are so many variables in what we do to produce a quality video for our customers. If you would like to create more than one video, keep in mind the fact that we do have package deals. If you have filmed some video clips yourself we can add cool graphics, animations, sound effects, and music to your video. 3rd Light has produced countless videos for Blue Wave Communications from videos from the Pine-Sol Lady, to VISA, to highly complex medical devices, since 2004. Glacial Multimedia offers top notch audio and video production capabilities, as well as more affordable mid-level solutions.
This package details a complete production package entailing the video shoot, custom audio design, editing and preparation with an HTML 5 video player and submission and optimization of 8 videos covering video distribution websites. Or you could hire James Cameron to write, produce and direct your video where you’d be looking at a budget just shy of  half a billion dollars when you include marketing costs and Hollywood accounting. Doctors, mechanics, lawyers, videographers… whatever profession you care to mention, experience and expertise matters more than any other factor and, all things being equal, you do tend to get what you pay for.

The quality and flexibility of the camera you shoot with can make a considerable difference in the finished quality and editing options for your video. The more experienced video production companies tend to have a wide variety of tools and equipment on hand for each shoot. Most videos benefit from the addition of footage that supplements what is being said on screen.
Video is a powerful medium but it is even more powerful if you take full advantage of audio to support what is being shown on screen.
An extra minute of video might only cost you %10 more if you have planned the extra requirements into the overall workflow.
While this option may seem like an extravagance, it could make the difference between a dull video and an engaging video. A two to three minute web-based corporate video presentation might cost between $2500 and $10,00 if you consider the mid range of variables mentioned above.
Aside from video production equipment are there other special props or pieces of equipment that need to be included as part of the costs.
This will not only help me explain my client what is involved in shooting a good web commercial but also to put together a good cost analysis. Video is just another communication medium (albeit a fast growing one…) that will take many forms.
In order to keep people engaged on the web with video the quality of the content and production needs to meet the viewers expectation and since television and film has already set that bar high you will need a professional finished product. Add to that the complexity associated with all of the various moving parts involved in a typical video production and the pricing seems to become more art than science. As a 30 year veteran of the production business I disagree with the $1,000 dollar minute theory. It is very helpful and hopefully future clients will get a better understanding of what it takes to make a great video. In fact, it is a very important part of the video production process because it is the foundation of your video.
On one hand you get complete flexibility on the web video side of the project and also a great practice DVD to use in your educational spectrum. Both options would result in a finished video but you’d probably need special glasses to watch the the more expensive option.

Editing is where you create the style and substance of the video – you sequence all of the available assets into a cohesive story that communicates your key messages in a clear and engaging manner. Most business web video productions don’t require more than two people (and sometimes one is enough) but depending on the complexity of the shoot you may require a crew of three or more.
Web videos tend to be around a couple of minutes although this varies considerably depending on the type and purpose of your video.
The web continues to drive all costs down including licensing fees – but they still exist. For most professionally produced web-based corporate videos you should consider between $2,000 to $5,000 as a starting point, that will give you a reasonable idea of where to begin in the budgeting process. If you want to have a TOP notch website you must consider creating great website video for better patient engagement. Like companies that spend $10,000 on website development and little or no money on content for the site, many companies waste a lot of money on beautifully shot but otherwise meaningless video.
Showing the viewer what is being described in the video is more informative (show me, don’t tell me) and also helps to keep the attention of the impatient viewer.
But they forgot all about the production value that need to be transmitted, and it has a cost. Humor (humour) as an example, could be used in many types of video and would be best categorized as a style or characteristic of video. We can develop a practice based promotional video that can be used on your website, in email campaigns, or in newsletters or digital flipbooks.
Concept videos like commercials will often require more people to help with the logistics of the shoot. The use of a studio has to be factored into the overall cost of the production one way or another. Video delivered on website in HTML 5 format so that it is compatible multiple devices such as ipads, computers, phones, and ipods. Some are admittedly a bit more tenuous than others… What I was trying to point out was specific business uses of video.

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