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Word of mouth advertising (WOM) is the unpaid spread of a positive marketing message from person to person.
Word of mouth is difficult to control and measure but can spread quickly and be highly influential in purchase decisions, Think about the last film you went to see, the last car you bought or the area you live in. Viral advertising is a method of advertising which relies on digital transmission, but doesn't necessarily require any first hand brand experience for it to be passed on. The transmission of a word of mouth message through the population is a fairly complex process to model. The individual decides to pass on the message and spread the word to others (the message is seeded). For a marketing message to spread successfully through the population, the message needs to be strong enough that it warrants passing on, whereas a weak message can be forgotten about if not deemed 'chat-worthy'.

Ensure the message is worth passing on - motivate people to discuss your brand and spread the word. Only a few WOM ideas go 'epidemic' but even without a wildfire approach, personal communication can lead to tangible marketing results. When people talk about word of mouth advertising this is the model that is normally quoted and leads to huge volumes of noise in a very short period of time.
Human conversations involve much more than simply words – cues such as voice tone and body language also convey information such as enthusiasm, sadness, emotion and truthfulness. The reason viral advertising is important is because of the potentially massive exposure a successful viral can provide. A carefully constructed viral YouTube video can spread through a population at epidemic speeds, but face to face communications spread much more slowly.

It's difficult to predict how well a message will spread, some people simply ignore viral advertising emails, while others will talk to anyone and everyone about the surprisingly good meal they had the new restaurant in town.
WOM is a powerful promotional tool and should be considered as part of almost every business marketing strategy. Viral ads generally take the form of some impressive video footage or something 'chat-worthy' which is designed to be passed through the population via email or a similar tool.

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