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Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is a video editing application, which provides a simplistic editing interface for all types of users.
Corel Video Studio Pro X7 provides you with a faster and easier way to make great-looking videos and slideshows. With digital camcorders and video editing software falling in price all the time, you don’t need to be Roman Polanski to make your own movies these days. The latest release of Corel Studio focuses on building up its consumer-level video-editing and production suite. Using VideoStudio Pro as a primary editing program was a mixed bag; as someone who frequently produces videos on both a casual and professional basis, I had trouble envisioning the audience that Corel is targeting with VideoStudio. Editing videos clips in Video Studio takes place in two workspace modes: storyboard and timeline. Corel approaches video editing with a concentration on individual clips and moments, primarily on a single video track.
Layering is limited to one main video track, with up to 20 "overlay" tracks, one main "voice" track, and up to three additional music tracks.
Another major addition to version X6 is the ability to set motion tracking and define paths for overlay objects.
ConsTheir support is only good for one instance then you pay.I believe they deliberately have lousy software so you have to phone and pay for support.
SummaryI think it is regrettable that Corel has chosen this path of buying up really good software companies and lowering them to their new standards. ProsI compare Corel to Avid, Corel has better video result & better sound quality (for live performances audio) than Avid. ConsI tried their free version and decided I would buy the full version and by another software for pictures. ConsI began with Video Studio Pro X3Jerky, cumbersome interface - difficult to set precise edit points Warning Video Studio Pro converts video to a .vsp extension. Sir,Since you are expert, can you explain what happened in my case.I inserted a one minute video to test.

This simple tool allows you to create template-based videos and screen capture for recording demonstrations and tutorials. Create your most engaging movies ever with VideoStudio Pro X8, the smart video editor that simplifies routine tasks and offers new creative possibilities.
Version X6 of VideoStudio is essentially Corel's response to the rise of HD content on affordable consumer gadgets. The result is a workflow that forces you to focus on incremental production if you want to create a higher-quality product for longer movies. You can easily make picture-in-picture effects by layering videos in the timeline and track. Corel's VideoStudio comes packed with a few stock patterns and paths, but I can hardly think of many scenes or casual videos that I'd shoot that would be appropriate for those. Though VideoStudio X6 can certainly handle footage from more-advanced machines, professional users will probably prefer alternative options even if the price tag remains higher, because of the limitations of the workflow within X6.
There are three different apps bundled with the suite, catering for different needs and skill levels, including Movie Wizard and DV-to-DVD Wizard. On one hand, Corel's workspace layout is tailored to getting users quickly into the video workspace. The workflow should be fine for a homemade movie trailer or 5-minute video sequence, but it is far less than ideal for bigger projects that deal with multiple takes, angles, and sound clips on one track. VideoStudio X6 is much better for casual or hobby users using nondedicated gadgets like smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras. I have been using Corel software for over 15 years and in the last two years all their software and support has started going down a very steep hill. However, it’s the main utility, VideoStudio Editor, where all the action happens. The program certainly boasts some decent editing features and effects, including an extended storyboard to view and organize scenes (alongside the ubiquitous timeline), easy freeze frame options, an extra large preview window, customizable title and text templates, multiple audio tracks to allow for voice narration and a music score (along with a balancer to make sure your levels are never off), and built-in instrumental scores to fit the length of your movie. To edit videos, simply drag and drop your clips into an area at the bottom of the interface. You can select a person or object in each clip, and VideoStudio will attempt to follow that person in the footage by scanning each frame.

At its reasonable price, X6 is close to hitting that attractive sweet spot for the right low-to-mid-end user. Create a huge range of video projects, from action-cam and personal videos, to slideshows, video blogs, screen recordings, stop motion animation and much more. And make sure your videos look amazing with support for the latest 4K and HD standard, XAVC S. On the other hand, more-conventional editors use a tree-view library structure with folders that allow for better management of large projects. Whether creating for YouTube or DVD, business or pleasure, VideoStudio Pro X7 makes it simple and fun to bring your video vision to any screen.
He put me on hold for 20 mintues, talked to some one else, and finally took my email ID and promised to get back. The main problem with VideoStudio has always been its strain on your system memory and unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have been addressed properly in this version. VideoStudio Pro lets you get to work quickly, but it can become a hassle as you work with more media clips. Load times are cripplingly slow and, unless you’re using a NASA computer, previewing complex edits can be horrible experience, with clips and audio jumping and lagging frequently. Other annoyances include the fact that you can’t fast forward and rewind from the scene preview window, and the zoom facility on the timeline is not nearly powerful enough. Whether creating for YouTube or DVD, business or pleasure, VideoStudio Pro X8 makes it simple and fun to bring your video vision to any screen.This is the 32-Bit version. Strangely, considering its support for the new HD disc format, Ulead appears to have neglected to include support for Blu-Ray too.
They then to add fire to the mixture the link was for the product was higher than my original transaction!
Nevertheless, if you’re looking for reliability then you’d probably be best off looking at one of the other budget editing apps such as Adobe Premiere Elements or PowerDirector.

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