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A 12-Step Video Sales Letter Template including every element needed to make the sale so that even a rookie copywriter can be a master of persuasion. A complete list of the inexpensive and free tools needed to create your own video sales letter. The variables you need to consider when creating your video sales letter and the web page it lives on so you’ll know where to start and what to test.
Plus… we’ll show you how to add that fancy “Magic Buy Button” that pops after you reveal the price in the video sales letter. In the video below, Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer, introduces the video salesletter concept, and shares some meaningful reasons as to why it has become the ideal method for presenting an offer. Jon had been selling his dieting product on ClickBank for over a year with a long-form salesletter. The most important part of the VSL, however, is the fact that it allows YOU to control the sales process. In the video below, the preferred video sales letter page features are covered, including guidelines and suggestions for optimizing the appearance and effectiveness of the overall formula.
To our surprise (and disappointment) videos that literally spelled out the sales message in full sentences, as if the video presenter was literally reading a teleprompter, converted much better in almost every single market.
In the video below, Ryan Deiss highlights the steps needed to craft the ideal video sales letter offer. The video below shares an overview of the steps involved in actually creating the video sales letter, including tools and resources that best complete the job. Easy Video Player also offers a player without controls, allows for redirects, and has excellent reporting capabilities so you can monitor exactly how viewers watch your video.
Ryan shares tips for hosting your video sales letter online in the video below, allowing you to put it on the Web, begin generating traffic and gain conversions.
The design elements and architectural features of your video sales letter page are covered in the video below. Ryan shares some valuable tricks that can boost conversions and create an effective video sales letter in the video below. The best practices in this report will make it easy to build a compelling video salesletter that converts like magic, right out of the box.

These demo videos show you exactly how to take your VSL from a PowerPoint to a full-blown Video Salesletter. 3X Video Sales Letter Formula Market price The folks who saw the VSL Sales Video at the Dan Kennedy Summit rushed to Formula Letter Sales Video. They provide templates for the video sales letters, a magic button script how to host the videos etc.
BUT, the video salesletter has tested extremely well for us, in a wide range of different markets. Of course this could just be a marketing tactic (though they wouldn’t lie about this) The folks who saw the VSL Sales Video at the Dan Kennedy Summit rushed to buy this product by Jon.
A totally complete course from the very best of the best conversion crushing video sales letter creator, Jon Benson. Videos Magic Button : Not sure if these are all directly related to the Video Sales Letter Formula. Strangely enough, the borderless video player outperformed the page with a border most of the time. You might as well fill the space with some video content that periodically urges the viewer to take action. Those fancy 45 minute videos of somebody flashing their houses and cars really nauseates me.
Now, I'm releasing a product in about 2 weeks and I'm currently working on a video sales letter..
But the snake oil salesmen thing is killing my patience ;-) (Even my product is going to be $997. Ryan Deiss is a master at selling by video and you just need to watch his videos for this together with Facebook Ad Power, GMail Advertising etc to realise what a good and effective process he has. He also banished a few of those thoughts that may be stopping you from producing sales videos. I've been so tempted for so long but I get frightened off by the complexity and all the fancy bells and whistles you see in some marketing videos. It's only after I watched this program that I realised Ryan doesn't do any any of that stuff and his videos sell a trainload.

Here's the link to my review Video Sales Letter Formula Review I was going to post the other one mentioned but when I searched, I couldn't see any evidence that the person has seen the product.
Plus, the two trainings of his that I've seen have been excellent (13 sneaky little email tricks and Video Sales Letter Formula). 1) No need to spend thousands on a copywriter anymore 2) No need to wait weeks for sales letters to be done 3) Conversions will undoubtedly be much better What I like the most about Ryan's stuff is he TESTS like a madman.
They provide templates for the video sales letters, a 'magic button script' how to host the videos etc.
All in all it's a detailed course with video demos on the mechanics of setting everything up. Also I have a niche market with a decent sales letter that is not converting very well so I will be testing a video sales letter :-) So my final verdict is if you want to try a video sales letter this training is well worth the investment and I liked the detail including all the demo videos and templates etc. It certainly didn't explode them to "3%-9%" But like any sales formula, there are a 100 things that go into a successful page. I also ended up using copy underneath the video and gave the price right away without having to make people wait for it.
My point is, he could have the greatest sales video on earth, but it has to be adapted to your audience. All the best, While the Total Access Club has closed, it has been superceded by the Digital Marketer Lab and that includes a number of Ryan Deiss's products including the Video Sales Letter Formula. Digital Marketer Lab Review (warning - I am an affiliate) It also comes with a very long "the End Of the Web" video which Ryan is pushing at the moment and is creating some controversy. I really do need to do a split-test sales letter of Andy Jenkin's-style "Boss" videos vs Deiss' videos to see which converts better (Deiss claims "fancy" videos don't do as well as plain text) That being said, if you look at Deiss' new video (for this Digital Marketer program) you'll see he goes back and forth between text-only AND slides with moving images etc.

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