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But hey; Mobo Player and Mx Videoplayer both are standard compliant enough to at least work on the Evo3D as alternative players :D ! Note: The resource files are not the same in the Note and SGS2 version of this apk, therefore I had to manually check for every little mismatch (for example progress bar image was too big, etc) If you find any icon or drawable which looks odd, please inform me, thanks! It works well with Side by Side video stored on the device and the network playback may be a bit slow as apparently the 3D videos are stored somewhere in China and your connection to them may be a bit slow.

The official website of the player is available only in Chinese, but the player itself also comes with English translation of the interface.
You need to download it and install it manually on your device, follow the link below to get the APK, then transfer it to your 3D-capable smartphone and install it through a file manager.

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