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You will never run short of apps for adding background music to your video whenever using iOS and Android devices. This is an easy to understand app and you will not require any expertise to add the favorite music to your video. Many of the apps in the market demand one to have advanced video editing skills before adding background music to a video.
This is an inclusive app because it has a videocam to enable you shoots a video and then add background music. This app is manufactured by Apple and will be a good choice for adding background music to your video on iOS as well as Android devices. The main benefit offered by this app is in-app purchases which make it possible to get rid of effects, filters and watermarks when adding background music. As the name sounds, this app not only allows you to add background music to your videos on Android devices and iOS; it is also possible to mix multiple video clips without distorting the music. This is a very quick and easy-to-use app that you can consider using to add background music to your videos on iOS.

They are available in large numbers with your only concern being how to choose the ideal one. It has every tool that you will need and allows the user to select music from a personal library. The music will give you enough value once you come up with slideshows which is easy realizing with VivaVideo. It is a very powerful app and has very few limitations which include transferring the music files to a Mac platform for advanced editing.
It will all depend on your personal preference but it is among the top ten apps for especially iOS.
It will allow you to edit the video and then add a suitable soundtrack as background music.
You can stitch together many video clips in such a way that the music remains consistent when playing.
You will have it simple when editing the video thus there is no way the video and music will overlap.

This piece will highlight the top ten such apps, their features, supported platforms and price among any other important information. All songs are available for free and offer in-app purchases to ensure you get all the effects that you need with ease. It can add the background music before and after you have edited the video while its key feature is limitless storage space, downloads as well as making of long movies.
It synchronizes very well with Instagram and other social sites making it extremely easy to share the videos after adding the background music.

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