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Video editing is a challenge for any computer system and editing video professionally requires a high-end system.
And Macs are used to make whole movies, and TV shows, commercials and professional online video clips.
Digital video places huge demands on processor power, graphics power (for rendering) and - above all - storage space. All of the video requirements (perhaps with the exception of storage) leads naturally to the Mac Pro. The Retina Display model goes up to 2880 x 1800 which can display every pixel of a high definition video.
It depends on whether you are a professional video editor hitting deadlines or an extremely enthusiastic amateur. Probably the most important thing to get with your Mac for video editing will be more storage space, a good external hard drive with a fast Thunderbolt connection will help you out.
That said, using a Mac, and iMovie, and the fact that I would have to spend some big money to get a Mac Pro + Nvidia CUDA card for offi­cially sup­ported GPU ren­der­ing in Pre­miere Pro, are mak­ing FCPX look very inter­est­ing as I delve deeper into edit­ing the movie files from my Canon 7D. I will be shoot­ing a fea­ture length film and maybe tin­ker­ing around on the lap­top, but hard­core edit­ing wouldn’t actu­ally be done on it. I am plan­ning on doing some com­mu­nity video projects while on bicy­cle tour in Cen­tral and South Amer­ica. In this article we take a look at what a computer requires to be truly great for video, and the features you pay more for. Of course all Macs can edit video clips, but there's a difference between editing a quick clip for YouTube and making a whole movie.

For video editing you will need to attach an external hard drive, fortunately thanks to the blazing fast Thunderbolt connection there is little difference between an external storage and internal hard drive. They're all pretty powerful, and the built in Iris Iris Pro graphics in the 15-in models is a capable video editor.
Neither is going to be enough for serious video editing work, so as with the Mac Pro you will need an external hard drive.
The larger model packs a whopping 27in display, which is plenty of space for displaying the two video panels in Final Cut Pro (along with the Timeline and all the other controls). You used to be able to pick up a Quad-Core or 12-Core model, which made light work of video rendering. We believe it's more forward-thinking to pick up a model with a small amount of flash storage (which is fast for running apps) and to store the video footage on an external hard drive. Macs are great for video editing, but with a huge range of powerful Macs available it can be tricky to buy the right one.
Apple Mac OS X computers are especially useful for editing video, and many video editors need to invest in the latest Mac hardware.
Although all Apple Macs are great, some Macs are better suited to editing video than others.
It's not cheap for consumers, starting at £2,499, but for video professionals it offers high performance for a reasonable price. These are great computers and you can definitely edit video on them, but they do not have enough storage space, screen size, or processing power to be considered the best Mac for video editing. It depends on how commercial your video editing endevours are, if it's the principle means by which you make your money then get the Mac Pro.

I would love to com­pare the per­for­mance of both when edit­ing Canon 7D footage on my Mac­book Pro. Sure, I had to go for lunch when ren­der­ing out the sta­bi­lized footage from AE, and the final footage from Pre­miere, but the video mostly played back in real-time on Pre­miere, and if I ren­dered the time line, I could scrub for­wards and back­wards with­out pause.
I want the small­est light­est com­puter that I can rea­son­ably put a video together with. Do not underestimate either package due to Apple brand loyalty, Avid Media Composer is still the industry's go-to program for video editing, and Premiere Pro has many advantages over Final Cut Pro for rendering formats. I already have an ipad 2 and an ipod touch when i want to travel really light and edit in imovie for the ipad.
The MacBook Pro with Retina display is a good video editing machine, and the one to get if you need to edit video on the move. Adobe has also recently introduced Premiere Pro Clip enabling people to edit video on the move.
I love that FCPX allows to edit by intu­ition like I do pho­tos since overview of the mate­r­ial it pro­vides is far supe­rior com­pared to any pro­gram cur­rently on planet.

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