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If you watch the videos below you’ll see a shout out to Harm Millard who has build a blazingly fast machine geared towards Premiere Pro. Dave Dugdale from Learning DSLR Video walks you through just how he created his first monster post production machine with Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve Lite in mind. I’ll post some rendering speed tests comparing the old i7-920 to the i7-4770 CPU once I get the old system back up and running.
My personal opinion would be that if you are going to use the box mainly for graphics and editing you should go with a Quadro instead of a Gforce card. A news for people who work in video editing and those who play high graphic games have a look because now the best video editing PC possible build for ?500.This latest technology will fulfill your desires as a desktop PC or gaming PC.
If you want high-quality results, then you must have to know that a PC works better than a Laptop, Tablets, and all of other devices in gaming and photo or video editing. If we want to use heavy programs easily with high speed, then we need to invest some money in building your own PC for video editing and other tasks. Now there is no need a lot of money to build a PC because the best video editing PC possible build for ?500. Nowadays almost all editing programs used in more or less the GPU, which is good for PC Processors because the graphics processor video cards are freeing the computer processor of many of the processing tasks.

It is very easy to build a simple PC but if you are going to build a gaming PC or a PC for video editing  then  it is very  important for you  to consider all these points in which video editing, production of graphics animation, playing  high graphics games, etc. Here is a quick round up of some great resources on building a machine that will handle all your HD video needs, whether editing, grading or creating complex motion graphic and 3D work. For a detailed run through of each of the component parts check out Harm’s NLE build site here. You are proposing 4 different drives, and 3 are dependent upon each other for the system to work without you experiencing major data loss; not to mention the natural computer security issues created. The case is a bit more dramatic then then I would normally go for but the price was right and overall cable routing and drive bay location made the build nice and clean.
We know that the programs of video editing, retouching or motion graphics consume a lot of resources. If your processor is weak, then your PC is not able to do everything you want, so when you build your PC then chose the upgraded high-quality Intel Processor or AMD Processor.
Most current GPU’s can process much faster and efficient many of the processes related to video editing, graphics designing, animation, etc. They are task that are very intensive in terms of consumption of system resources and we must think about the best alternative to do our work easily.

Don’t get me wrong the CPU and RAM combined with a GTX 670 has provided a very reasonable editing solution for the last 4 plus years, but the latest generation of Haswell based i7 processors claim a 40% improvement on multithreaded applications and 60% gains on single threaded applications over my old i7-920. I’ll still be using the old system for basic editing, audio production, and a little bit of gaming so I went ahead and ordered a new case and power supply to go along with the build.
Usually workstations are made with more reliable, powerful and robust components like, Xeon processors, video cards, high-end, multiple internal bays for hard drives, RAID controllers, etc and many possibilities for expansion if needed.
On top of that, the TDP has dropped from 130 watts down to 85 watts which reduces my  overall cooling needs and intern, reduces the overall fan noise of my system. In order to get best computer for editing, you must have to find a good video card within maximum amount of memory like (1-2 GB), as well as like Nvidia graphics processor of highest number of Cuda Cores.

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