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Autodeskx Smoke professional video editing and effects software for Mac is designed to meet the needs of video editors who need to do more than just edit By integrating a familiar timeline workflow and node-based compositing, Smoke connects editing and effects like never before. Eliminate the need for plug-ins, workarounds, or managing metadata from multiple applications. Autodesk has announced that a free pre-release trial of Autodesk Smoke 2013, the video-editing and effects software for the Mac, is now available for download over on its website.
Key features include the intuitive Smoke UI, which combines track-based editorial, industry-standard editing conventions and Autodesk’s proven creative tools. Autodesk anticipates the full version of Smoke 2013 will launch September this year for $3,495 per licence. When you shot memorable moment in 4K resolution with your camera and want to enhance it by cutting certain segment,you will need a video editor which support 4K video editing.
Wondershare Filmora is considered as the most beautiful and effective video software by CNET, the world’s leader in tech product reviews. Switch between Timeline and Storyboard modes at any time to do basic and more advanced editing.
Kdenlive is an open-source, non-linear video editing software available for FreeBSD, Linux and MAC OSX platforms. OpenShot is perhaps one of the most active open source video editing software projects out there.

Flowblade Movie Editor is an open source, multitrack and non-linear video editor for Linux. Cinelerra is a professional video editing and compositing software for Linux which is also open source. I have deliberately not included Blender here because, even though it can do video editing, Blender is much more than that.
Smoke video editing software for Mac includes finishing tools for 3D compositing, color correction, and motion graphics This all-in-one workflow eliminates the need for round-tripping between multiple creative applications and provides a fast and iterative creative environment for storytelling. Tell your story and work fast with essential video editing and effects tools where you need them. Support editing footage from 4K cameras like a JVC GY-HMQ10, Canon EOS-1D C or Sony FDR-AX1. Lightworks was perhaps one of the firsts to adopt computer-based non-linear editing systems, and has been in development since 1989. Kdenlive was one of the earliest to develop a dedicated video editor for Linux with the project starting as early as in 2002. Blender is a full blown graphics processing software with advanced 3D modelling capabilities (Tears of Steel was the latest in a long list of official Blender made animation movies). We have to admit that 4K video will domain the digital video area like HD video in the near future.

However, if you use a Mac, it’s pity that only a few professional video editors support 4K video editing such as Apple Final Cut Pro and AVID Media Composer.
The 4K video editor features all-in-one powerful, fun and easy home video editor to output high-quality projects.
The release of an open source version, as well as ports for Linux and Mac OS X were announced in May 2010. And after a successful Kickstarter funding campaign recently, the team will be launching a Windows and Mac version of OpenShot apart from the normal Linux variant.
The high-price professional video editors offer lots of professional functions and complex operation. It offers both Expert editing and Quick editing modes for you to choose depending upon your skill level and needs. If you are a family user who only need basic 4K video editing like cut, merge, split video, edit music, adding effects, upload to share, Wondershare Filmora (Windows and Mac version both available) will best suit you. Remember the kind of sweeping-change we witnessed in the Linux gaming scene once Valve released their much-touted Steam client for Linux.

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