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Bringing advertising to life is the task of the film and video editor, whether via TV or online streaming. In the developing electronic media world, AntTechSolutions provides customers with latest media development services including both video and graphic services. It's been a week since Apple released Final Cut Pro X in the App Store and it's left many pro video editors angry and disappointed. When the software was introduced earlier this year, everyone was oohing and aahing over the new features. Final Cut Pro is used by many professionals in the news, advertising and entertainment industries and full-length Hollywood movies have been created with it. Currently many video used in many ways, because the video is considered to change the static design work so that it becomes more vivid and easily accepted, online advertising media now use more video of the banner.

A marketing film and video editor has played a role in every commercial, both forgettable and iconic.
With 64-bit editing, the Magnetic Timeline, Clip Connections, automatic audio cleanup and color-matching,  it looked like Apple had reinvented Final Cut Pro for next-generation pro video editing.
To help you sort out what's worth exploring for your own tech needs, we'll give you a one-stop guide to some of the newest products on the market — smartphones, cameras, video games, automotive products, household gadgets and more. The graphic services include logo designing, Website designing, flyers, banners made with extensive creative expertise.  In video services we provide video editing, video tutorials, introductory videos, and marketing campaigns developed and consulted by leading media experts. Then two days after the release the folks from the Conan show lambasted Apple with this funny video. That price includes only the main video editing software (not Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor and the other suite applications) and no box or printed manual, but still it seemed aggressive.

Other missing features include multi-cam editing, XML export, audio track export, support for more cameras and support for third-party plug-ins and drivers. Apple has responded saying some of the missing features will return with future software updates.

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