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A Better Video Editor Than Windows Movie Maker - Free and Supports YouTube Tech Guides About Us Work 21 Aug 2010 A Better Video Editor Than Windows Movie Maker Video Spin also ships with a variety of 2D transitions, background music and other sound effects to make your amateur movies look slightly more professional and interesting. For extracting MP3 songs from Music Video – Video Spin can save any video file as an MP3 audio file.
The software can directly import photographs from external media devices like the Digital Camera, iPod or the USB drive but the video footage cannot be , the files transfer the files from the camcorder to the hard drive.

Pinnacle make money from VideoSpin by selling additional codecs that you will need for creating videos in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 format. But if you are satisfied with creating or editing AVI and Windows Media files, you need not purchase these codecs.

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