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If you've caught the video editing bug but don't find the right application for beginners, try VideoPad Video Editor. This is probably the best video editing tool to take your first steps in the world of video editing.
VideoPad is a free, professional, video editing application which allows you to create movie projects from various video clips or a single video file.
I spent many days to create a project video, at the end when it finished and i want to save it into avi format, the application said that i have to buy the full version of it.

It's simple, easy to use, and though more advanced users will definitely find it too basic, it's just perfect for anyone starting to play around with video compositions. VideoPad Video Editor features a complete interface very much in the style of professional editors, with important elements such as a double built-in screen – one to preview selected clips, the other one to preview the complete sequence - and a time line for both the video and the audio tracks.
The program also includes a few video effects (mainly regarding light, color and text snippets) and also transitions, though sadly only three of them.

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