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Ironically, Easy Video Maker is one of the more tricky programs I've used for making videos.
While there is a tutorial to help you out, it doesn't give you any advice beyond the obvious. You can add photos, sound, video, and lyrics, or record your own screen as a video. You must then drag these options down to the timeline and place them in either the background or video fields (something the tutorial does not tell you).

But exactly what the difference is between the background field and the video field remains a mystery, as does how you add the sound to the video. Hello 1990 Besides from looking ugly and being confusing, Easy Video Maker isn't hot on features either. Maybe ten years ago Easy Video Maker was an example of a simple way to make a video but these kind of programs have advanced significantly, both for Windows and mobile, and now this just seems out of date. Needs a new name If, as a video making novice, you download Easy Video Maker and get disheartened because the process seems so complicated, don't worry. There are other programs which actually simplify video making while offering more advanced features.

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