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An effective high-level business strategy has typically been seen to be the secret behind the success of most companies that have done well. Working closely with your core management, We study, capture, and present your existing business strategy. Post strategy capture, We engage your management team in sessions dedicated to strategy and strategy implementation analysis.
By the time existing core strategies, processes, and procedures are captured, your core management will be ready to engage in discussions leading to a reevaluation and enhancement of your business strategies. With enhanced processes and procedures captured and documented, your team will be in a position to chalk out steady plans for training and materials creation for identified departments within your organization.
Strategy is not only important to individuals in daily walks of life, but organizations as well regardless of size, industry, geographical location or portfolio. In business leadership, Strategy is the on-going process of formulating, implementing and controlling plans to guide the business in achieving the desired goals or objectives. In today’s competitive business milieu, businesses need not only to plan extensively, but also implement prudently. Strategy is equally important to one of the most important sectors of the economy РSmall and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
For SMEs, Strategy is a visionary process that best relates to its Business and Operational Strategy through a strategic framework that inscribes Market Assessment, Plan Formulation (idea formulation process), Plan Implementation (practical application of the business idea), and Plan Evaluation (constant assessment of progress made whilst correcting any deviations). Today, despite SMEs suffering from lack of finance to expand their business operation, it is disconcerting to learn of lack of a clear Business Mission and Vision. The Mission should clearly define the business endeavor; market served and core competence, whilst the Vision should elaborate on future intentions and portfolio.
Another prominent business tool aiding small businesses to explore market avenues and learn of existing potential is SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis that explores Internal (within the business) and External (outside the business) environment. Strengths would explore business capabilities, Weakness would define business shortfalls in terms of market reach or resources, Opportunities define the current market potential, and Threats would elaborate on risks facing the business from the environment or competitors.

There are other various tools that small businesses could benefit from, but the reflective impression of the alignment and SWOT process are distinct from the rest in terms of business and market clarity resulting in well-defined perspective of the business scene. In summary, small businesses need to adopt strategy that is Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Realizable, and Total (SMART).
Moreover, the planning process needs to be characterized with effective assessment of market trends; competitor actions and current potential to best maximize and allocate resources. When strategy has been analyzed and selected, the task is then to translate it into organizational action. Our strategy simulations provide a unique opportunity to explore the creation and execution of business strategy in a totally safe environment.
Using proven strategic concepts, methodologies and tools participants take the role of a strategic executive and develop, refine and execute their business strategy. Our range of strategy simulations includes introductory, intermediate and advanced versions to provide the right level of intensity and content for all managers involved in the strategy process. To find out more about this unique and comprehensive range of strategy simulations please contact us to arrange a demonstration meeting or an initial conference call to discuss your exact requirements. Typically, these sessions help you identify the gaps (if any) within your business strategy, and help your team arrive at a better understanding of the manner in which your core strategy has translated into processes and procedures on the work floor. Often, businesses suffer from incompetence in either of these, which lead to harsh results.
It is imperative for the business owner to define all variables purposefully in order to allocate resource that could positively impact the business.
This is only possible if businesses strive to transform their ideas and empower them through a detailed and well-thought planning process subsequently resulting in careful implementation. Furthermore, implementation needs to be proactive which would not compromise potential and principle. Your managers can develop their strategic capability without risking your current strategy or business results.

Through simulated series financial quarters they will experience the whole strategic development, planning and execution process and see the impact of their decisions across the whole business. The different complexity levels and scenarios means we can cater for managers learning about strategy for the first time right up to executive directors of international organisations seeking to re-focus and re-align their senior teams. However, it is facilitated it provides an intensive learning experience for any manager involved in transforming business strategy into business results.
Your business strategy is your company?s chosen path towards these missions, and is critical for their success.
The net result of this exercise will be enhanced integration across the various teams within your organization and a greater clarity in terms of where your organization needs to go and what it needs to do to get there. This is not necessarily due to lack of know-how, but rather lack of acknowledgement or importance of the same in ordinary course of business. It is imperative for the Business Mission and Vision to align with overall objectives in ensuring business survival and longevity. Furthermore, business and financial objectives need to be realistic, pre-emptive, and market-oriented. More often than not, the process of SWOT is characterized by lack of market know-how and unclear competitor identification that results in an indistinct exercise.
This is a chronic trend that leads to difficulty in harnessing opportunities in form of market identification and penetration, and widening distribution channels that could positively impact the business.

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