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The social media marketing plan template is a calendar and schedule designed to help manage multiple social media accounts all in one place. Before creating a social media calendar and schedule, you need to determine a solid strategy with goals and objectives.
The most important factor is reaching your target customer and determining the proper social media platforms where these individuals are present. There are numerous social media channels available, which are always expanding and changing.
Considering that Buffer is a social media pro with 225,000 followers on Twitter, they have a very extensive and elaborate posting schedule. To manage social media as efficiently and effectively as possible, set a goal, understand the audience and channels, and establish a strategy.
The social media planning template will give you an extra hand in executing a successful and beneficial strategy while staying ahead of the game. Beyond that even – social media has to be increasingly integrated into an organisation, not owned by marketing or PR types.
One of the most significant and obvious problems with a tactical approach to social media marketing is that it risks missing on the connection with commercial goals, the connection to the business itself.
Set commercial goals, cascade social media KPI’s from those goals with an efficient analytics process in place to keep everything on track. Having a purpose in both social media at large and within specific social channels like Facebook is important. The majority of conversations that I have in regard to marketing are product or service promotion orientated before they’re customer orientated. In a similar vein to point 3, the social media cart often comes before the content horse, the evidence of this is a promotionally orientated approach to social media, you’re saying the same dull stuff that you would in an ad or an “e-blast” (I hate that term!).
Great content fuels effective social media marketing – content that is focussed on entertaining, inspiring or serving the unmet needs of a would-be decision maker, more specifically. There’s a lot to think about, let’s face it, so first and foremost a social media marketing programme requires someone to own it, to create the strategy, the focus, to build a team (maybe just a small part time bunch initially) and then select the right tools to help do the job.

Objectives, goals and a strategy provide a real context for measurement around the success of social media marketing. Ensure that you own the social media strategy, certainly don’t let a PR or ad agency take the agenda. I started doing social media marketing for my business and it was great in the begining because it's free and easy, but not actually.
The planning calendar creates a visual representation of your social media posts in a single week and for an entire month. For insight on setting your brands social media goals, Social Media Marketing offers some very helpful information. Each social media platform has a unique user base and varying demographics which can influence where to focus your social media efforts. Social Media Optimization has some really great information about optimizing your social media efforts and finding the most opportune time to post. With the correct columns and formatting, the document can be exported as a CSV file and easily uploaded to most social media management tools. It’s a mindset, a set of specific tools and most importantly, it’s a process weaved into content and social media marketing. Social media doesn’t (or shouldn’t) belong to someone or just to one team unless they’re the only people who care about the customer. We’ve shared (as have many others) ideas around being able to measure social media activity, this is hard to do if you focus on tactics within social media since you’ll fail to see those tactics in context, against other social media tactics and wider marketing activity.
However, having a real purpose enables social media marketing to have a role within the wider marketing mix – everyone knows where they’re going within the business and those tools and channels develop a tangible purpose.
Advanced businesses are seeing the ownership of the social relationship with customers outside of just marketing which makes it more natural, integration of social media into the business. Just as you might monitor respective search rankings or the creative appeal of competitors, so you should their social marketing activity. His experience spans brand development, direct marketing and digital marketing, with roles both agency and client side over the last 12 years.

It is very time consuming and my time is limited and the internet is growing so now I don't have enough time to be online and there is so much more that need to be done to stay ahead in order to do a good marketing job. Marketing Strategy Development: Understand Your Audience offers a breakdown of social media user demographics by platform.
Some brands may want to begin by focusing on the most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Our post showing the scope of Social CRM shows how social media marketing activities occur across the whole business – this Altimeter image clear shows how wide the scope of social media is. There’s a great post here on this and how businesses evolve into the social space, I’ve pasted their graphic framework below for you. We know about the pioneers in social media listening and response, but let’s not complicate it either.
That is why I outsourced my SocioViral marketing to a company that has been doing this for a number of years now. Brands that have a dedicated social media team may find it most valuable to be present on all social media platforms. If you’re asking “how do I promote” before “how do I build a relationship” then I’d suggest don’t even move into the social media space. Yet the social space might be sensitive to what the bigger players do and say, this in turn might impact your perception or your position.
And, because of all the above – social media marketing requires a strategy, a plan, focus, direction – whatever you want to call it.

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