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Website Video SEO Tips, page 3 of 5On-Page ElementsFollow general SEO principles for optimizing title, meta, H1, etc. With the most recent Google Panda Update, video platforms have gotten a huge boost in SERPs as Google is looking to deliver a variety of results for a more diverse user experience.  Customers are looking for companies that they can connect with on a personal level. Videos can start to create that consumer and company level personal bond by delivering a message that is real and transparent.  People will come into the dealership and say, “You’re the person I saw from the video” creating a personal connection before they even stepped foot into the dealership. Service videos that show that you are the local expert and want to share important car care information with your area.

And this is just the beginning!   Videos for model comparisons, events at the dealership; award-winning models are just a few ideas to get you started.  So, be creative! While you are searching and checking out the many videos already uploaded and ranking, consider investing in a good quality camcorder with a wireless microphone and a video stand. Video submissions started November 2, 2011 and the last day for submission is January 15, 2012. Best practices for proper search Title, description and tagging of your videos will also be covered.

While the song lamented days gone by of video-free music, there are those who would argue that video actually helped music and musicians become more successful.

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