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But choosing which Mac is the best computing option for a musician isn't easy: Apple creates a wide range of Mac OS X notebooks and desktop computers, at a range of prices (although few Macs could truly be called an ultra-budget option) and varying specs. With this in mind we’ve created this guide to buying the best Mac for recording artists, musicians, singers, producers and composers.
We also look at some of the accessories, software and services available that make sense for keen Mac audio editing.
In the past we've mentioned that recording and editing audio isn't as intensive a process as other computing tasks (such as 3D design or video editing) so you don’t need to spend as much money on the best graphics cards. Having said that, several Macworld musicians have pointed out that serious studio work can be processor intensive, especially if you are using professional plug-ins to software like Ableton. Many modern Macs (such as the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro) are shipping with small, Flash-based drives. Fortunately Apple has a good range of computers all with the required connections, and each one is capable of running both GarageBand and Logic. Apple has a range of computers that are all good for musicians, and each computer is capable of both recording audio (with the right accessories) and editing audio, using the right software. But some Apple Macs are better than others at making music, and some Macs provide a lot of features that you are unlikely to make use of as a musician (but still end up paying for).
The MacBook Pro is Apple’s high-end laptop and blends a lot of power with some capable features. Because the MacBook Pro is a notebook it’s good for carrying in and out of the studio. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display also has Apple’s new Flash memory as standard, which is an expensive option. So the entry-level MacBook Pro is the viable portable choice; not the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
Like the MacBook Pro it has two USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports so it does have the appropriate connections. It is, however, a small solution, which makes it ideal for carrying in and out of recording studios (as long as you pack a small keyboard and display). The Mac Pro has traditionally been the go-to computer for all audio and video specialists working in Mac OS X. The Mac mini offers all the connections you need, and plenty of power, in a small portable package and for a decent price. There are a large amount of video recording software that have been designed for recording a video using a webcam. Note: The recorded video will be added to convert list by default, so you can choose to convert the recorded video to MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, etc and transfer video to mobile devices like HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Note 4, Surface Pro 3, etc.
Step 4: Find out your recording video clips in the Event Library at the bottom of the screen. Apple Logic Pro X 10.1 is a powerful update to an already-excellent digital audio workstation, and if you own Logic Pro X, it's free. Since Logic Pro X 10.1 is an App Store download, you can install it on any machine you're registered on with Apple. User InterfaceDespite its immense power, Logic is a simple program to start recording with, because the main screen can include everything you need from start to finish—depending on how you populate it, of course.
Apple updated Logic Pro X's built-in sound set with over 200 new sounds, plus 10 Mellotron instruments for anyone nostalgic for the popular 1970s tape-based sampled string machine.
Perhaps the biggest news, at least for this OCD-affected engineer: You can finally organize your own plug-ins into folders! Speaking of which, Flex Pitch and Flex Time are still there, and still make quick work of tuning vocals and fixing mistakes in recorded audio tracks; Flex Pitch in particular is a godsend if you're used to working with an entirely separate app (like Melodyne) or needing to budget for one. Logic Remote and ExportsIf you haven't used it before and have an iPad, the Logic Remote app turns your tablet into a remote control for all of Logic Pro X's major functions.

Still the Logical Choice With this update, Apple accomplished much of what it needed to do to keep Logic Pro at the top of the heap. In this article we take a look at what a Mac requires to be truly great for recording and editing audio, and the features it's worth paying extra for. So finding which Mac is best for music making also involves ruling out those Macs that aren’t good for making music. The latest model packs two USB 3.0 connections and two Thunderbolt connections, so it has enough sockets for you to add connections (you can purchase a Thunderbolt to Firewire connection if you want to use a Firewire device). While a nice feature it offers no real benefit for audio editing, so we’d avoid it and focus on the cheaper MacBook Pro.
The Retina Display is beautiful to look at and ideal for video-making and graphic design, if you are an all-rounder you could perhaps justify it, but we think it's more financially prudent to stick to a cheaper model. While you certainly can record and make music using a Mac Pro, its processor and graphics card combination is overkill. You're unlikely need the power of the Mac Pro or the vast display of the iMac to get good results, and a Mac mini gives you enough power, enough input connections and leaves you with cash to spend on some all-important accessories.
It won’t just let you hit the right notes, but is useful for drums and any other notes you wish to put together. Designed specifically for the Mac it enables you to plug in your guitar direct to GarageBand or Logic Pro and turn effects on or off with your feet. After the download is finished, run the video capturing software for Mac and follow the wizard instructions. MacX Video Converter Pro is the ultimate solution for the removal of DRM by simply recording screen video on Mac and transfering the iTunes rental or purchased videos to Android devices at ease.
Here we'll take you through MacX Video Converter Pro to create beautiful slideshows with music on Mac so you'll be amazing your friends and family in no time at all with this quick yet impressive trick.
The update seems geared towards electronic music producers at first glance, but the UI improvements alone are worth the download.
Apple's pro-level audio workstation software gets its first major point release after a dramatic makeover back in 2013.
I tested the program with both a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface and each Mac's built-in audio, and as expected, I ran into no problems. It can now top 35GB for the full download, but you can get started with much less as the basic install.
You can collapse any note rows that aren't being used, which helps a lot when programming drums or repeating instrument parts. For the uninitiated, Drummer is an artificially intelligent session player—one of 25, in fact, each with different styles, personalities, and drum kits for a distinctive sound. Instead of dealing with clumsy nested menus, you can set up folders just for the plug-ins you use all the time, and mix and match third-party plug-ins with the ones that come built into Logic. You can also write automation to regions, which makes it much simpler to move around and arrange your project without destroying recorded fader and knob movements. The compressors in particular shine, with their Platinum (transparent solid state) and Opto (tube-like) modes, which behave differently and provide exactly the kind of warmth and crunch you'd expect from actual vintage hardware.
It's about time Apple went through and refreshed the cluttered UIs for the entire plug-in lineup, now that we're all running 1080p (or greater) displays. For example, you can record tracks with on-screen keyboards, guitar fretboards, or other smart composition tools pulled directly from GarageBand on the iPad.
We then look closely at the range of Mac computers available, and the 'custom built to order' options available that make sense for musicians. Apple is also adept at creating software and has a particular interest in the creative arts. And to kit a Mac out ready for the studio you’ll need to invest in some of the options listed below.

This free online video recorder is specially designed for video recording lovers who would like to record video clips, upload DIY video to website for sharing and playback video on mobile device. Its built-in screen recording software can record screen activity on Mac with excellent output video quality, so that you can play them on devices and upload to YouTube. It also opens project files as far back as Logic 5—though good luck if you've got any 10-year-old third-party instrument or effects plug-ins in those! There's no hardware or software copy protection, and your purchase is safely stored in the cloud in case you ever need to reinstall it. The right side pops up a number of windows that cover the tempo and time signature of your project, as well as the current MIDI track's event list, which when combined with the piano roll or score editor, makes it simple to edit your tracks. For example, for acoustic drums, you can adjust the tuning, add or subtract dampening, and adjust the gain and even stereo room mics and leakage.
EXS24 continues to be the workhorse sampler it has been for over a decade, and provides the core workstation-style sample set, including drum kits and pianos. Instrument tracks keep everything neat and tidy, though most sequencers now offer some form of that, in lieu of messy audio + MIDI track combinations. Speaking of mix automation, there are new Relative and Trim modes for adjusting existing automation data; you can use them to ride a fader and smooth out an edit. EXS24 in particular has needed an update for years; while it's optimized for playing hundreds of voices concurrently on a modern Mac running inside Logic Pro X, it could use a refresh, post-Kontakt 5 and MachFive 3 (which, admittedly, cost hundreds of dollars each, whereas EXS24 is free with Logic). Logic Pro X 10.1 also supports Mail Drop and Air Drop for sharing projects in OS X Yosemite. GarageBand is particularly good for small bands and beginners, whereas Logic Pro is aimed at music industry professionals. And no matter you are a newbie or pro, you can easily master the key points of video recording, because it's just so easy to use. Having no copy protection is novel and awesome in the realm of digital audio workstations, where Avid Pro Tools 11 requires a PACE iLok key, and Steinberg Cubase 7 requires its own proprietary eLicenser key. Drummer can follow other tracks for inspiration; for example, the bass player can set the groove for a performance, and Drummer will take cues from the bass track to figure out where to lock in the kick drum.
These drummers produce awesome-sounding beats, and eliminate the need for third-party sample libraries. Logic's venerable E-series plug-ins (such as ES1, ES2, ES P, the EVP88 electric piano and so on) provide plenty of synthesizer and keyboard sounds, although many of these sound a bit thin when stacked against today's top plug-ins.
There's a new Region Gain, which is similar Clip Gain, one of my favorite features in Pro Tools.
But what's most interesting is that the iPad becomes the front end for Logic Pro X, if you want it to be.
We think it's better to go for Thunderbolt for the storage to leave the USB 3.0 slots free for your accessories. It's great if you're on a MacBook Pro with just two free USB ports—and USB hubs aren't an answer, because too many audio devices (not to mention other peripherals) prohibit using hubs in their user manuals.
It offers enough musicality for rounding out the high-end of an electric bass or tightening up the boom of a loosely tuned kick drum. And fades are now generated in real time, rather than stored as separate audio files with your project, which greatly simplifies both file management and Flex Pitch edits.

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