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Social media and video trends are fast catching up, and organizations now prefer to market and promote their products online rather than through magazines and newspapers. Online introduction videos are hottest selling cakes in the online market and companies swear by these promo videos as they create a definite advantage to the reputation and revenues of a company. A recent study found that 69% of online users have watched a video online and 24% do so at least once a week. With a corporate video welcoming the customer on your business website, it creates better user experience and adds a classy touch to the website.
An explanation video is assumed to build confidence and trust in customers; they start considering that business to be more reliable. An explanation video sells a product or service using sight, sound, and most importantly, emotion. will give you all this and more in a promotional, advertising, and marketing video. Join hundreds of organizations, businesses and startups who've trusted Video Chef for explaining their message in a clear way to their audiences. We're looking to work with people who are not afraid to hear that their approach to video may be wrong. Since YouTube had appeared for the first time we truly felt in love with all its videos and clips. The main problem of promotional videos is a wide use of advertisement that is rotated on TV, in supermarkets and big boards located in streets.
Below we collected 23 promo videos of web designers and developers from all over the world. Morrison Video Productions creates powerful, lasting impressions with video production to help you increase sales, introduce a new product, train employees, and connect with customers and prospects. Most companies have a clear vision of what makes them unique and why customers should buy from them, but they struggle to convey it to their prospects.
Your company can save valuable time and money by using a video presentation for training new employees.

We help our clients to develop effective television commercials for local and regional broadcasting.
Because of its accessibility and flexibility, the Internet allows businesses of all sizes a greater opportunity to reach a global audience, and numerous studies have shown that businesses that use video on their website see a significant increase in sales.
With our testimonial video productions, we provide an experienced interviewer who asks probing questions that bring out the key points of your customer’s experience. If your event is important enough to videotape it, then it’s important enough to have it done by a professional video production company. One of the most important things businesses try to do is to set themselves apart from their competition, and a Video Business Card is a giant leap forward in that direction. We are the trusted authority for video production in Burlington, Greensboro, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas in North Carolina! With the perfect content and target customers in mind, an online explainer video gives a powerhouse performance and can do wonders to any business. With the use of clever editing techniques, captivating music, animation, voice over, interesting models, and much more, an explainer video retains visitors, informs, and entertains the viewer.
Pegasus Lighting has advocated promotional videos by confirming an increased conversion of 27% by using on-site video. The emotive side of video is highly persuasive and can instigate a viewer to act just after watching the video. Millions of people have accounts on YouTube and regularly look for files to watch or listen. People are tired of being forced to do a thing, so they try to avoid everything that sells (even if they need it). At Morrison Video Productions, we take your company’s vision and bring it to life through video so that others can see it too. For example, ReelSEO reports websites that use product videos increase their sales by up to 45%.
Customers are more inclined towards experiencing a product or service to see for themselves how it works and what it can do for them.

Thus business companies of different spheres of interests start using this trend for their own.
So there is a real deal to keep viewers from clicking away when your promo video just starts running.
But as the night falls she turns into a superhero web surfer restlessly browsing through thousands of funny cat pics and videos.
We do this through innovative video production that enhances the company’s image while engaging their prospects in the most effective way possible. Clients who use training and orientation videos find them to be very effective because they’re specifically designed to hold attention by using demonstrations, on-site explanations and real examples. It can easily be added to your website and any other popular video sharing sites to help you reach as many prospective customers as possible.
That is why Living Direct found that videos boosted conversion rate and increased time on site by 9%. A customer might read a page or two of your website in five minutes but could instead absorb your business in and out through a five-minute promotional video.
We take pride in the exceptional quality of our video production and accept nothing less for our clients.
We can also add titles, credits, and menus on your DVDs and then package them to suit your needs, making your video production the best it can be. This website is a direct result of that belief as he joined forces with a team of talented designers. It’s this work ethic that has helped us to receive five awards for corporate video production. Zappos saw increases of 6% to 30% in sales for their products that had a video accompaniment.

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