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When the video starts loading, you can find a Download button on the upper right of the video screen.
Download video from Youtube and also another 1000+ video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo on Windows for offline access or playback on your mobile devices.
You can keep searching for more videos to download while letting the program work in the background. To learn how to use the free video downloader for Mac which is almost the same, please check its user guide.

So it happens to the best of us to search around for a free but easy way to copy videos off the website. When you click Convert button on the right of the video item in the Downloaded category and choose the output format, then click OK, a pop-up window will appear to ask you to upgrade.
You can find the downloadhelper extension for Firefox, or just some websites which can help download videos. But you may always meet problems with the methods and what you really need may be a free program at hand which can be easy to handle and get around all the downloading problems.

For example, you can download videos from almost all the common video sites other than YouTube, and what matters more is you can convert the videos and get them to play on your portable devices. Here is a good option for you--Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader (Free YouTube Downloader for Mac).

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