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In order to support inline HTML5 video in your application, you need to have hardware acceleration turned on, and set a WebChromeClient. It's not exactly a direct answer to your question, but I believe you might want to use the newly released Android Youtube API. I've created a sample project that downloads an entire HTML5 video source before playing it.

This approach works fine on desktop browsers but when trying to play this on Android mobile devices the video won't play, and if I fullscreen the video on later versions of Android I'll get the following error dialog. It should allow adding youtube video playback into your apps, so you don't have to inject them into a webview in an iFrame..
Iv'e created a function that gives you all of the youtube video's direct links (including hq links).

To accomplish this I had to load the video source file via a XMLHttpRequest using a responseType: 'arraybuffer' and converting it to a Blob.

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