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With this template you can use the various highly customizable slides to display your ideas using the given puzzle pieces. If you want to make your presentations interactive, you can even separate the various puzzle pieces, label them according to your topic and invite members from the audience to connect the pieces for creating the model that you have defined.
Ungroup the puzzle clip art and change the fill color to match the background color of the slide. Could have used this three days ago when I created a WordPress Screencast I was going to use the puzzle motif, but went with plain step1, step2 graphics instead.

I didn’t get how you laid out the puzzle pieces on Slide 2 (the background slide) from Build a Puzzle Animation. I have been puzzled about how to simply build a puzzle in PowerPoint and you have presented it simply and completely. You can even change the color of the puzzle pieces, resize them and rearrange their order to create your own jigsaw puzzle template. If you find the concept of using puzzles interesting for making presentations, then you may also like our collection of Free Puzzle Templates for PowerPoint.

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