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SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. SlideRocket protects your content investment and opens up a world of previously unavailable possibilities by importing your existing PowerPoint or Google presentations. You decide how to get started and we'll help you reinvent your presentations for the way you work today. Sync presentations to from the cloud to SlideRocket's Desktop Presenter and take them with you wherever you go.
With a full set of professional design tools SlideRocket helps you create breathtaking presentations that will wow your audience.
Inspiration is just a click away in SlideRocket’s gallery of professionally designed presentations. Light the fuse to your presentation project with inspiration from SlideRocket's Presentation Gallery. Presentations hold some of your most precious data, yet presentation files are often left unsecured, stored on laptops or thumb drives and shared indiscriminately.
SlideRocket stores and protects your presentations online and ensures you have complete control over how they're accessed and distributed. An industry first, SlideRocket analytics lets you measure your presentation effectiveness by showing you who viewed and what they did as a result. You don't have to download an office suite to build great-looking presentations for work, a talk, or school.
Those of you who nominated Haiku Deck supported it because it puts all of the tools you need right at your fingertips to create good presentations. Prezi isn't just a great online presentation tool, it's one of your favorite PowerPoint alternatives in general. Those of you who nominated and supported Prezi's nomination liked the fact that you can build and edit your presentations on any device with a browser, and that your work syncs immediately with other devices, including mobile devices. Those of you who nominated it pointed out that it's free, easy to use, and offers a feature set that's on par with more complicated tools but a user interface that keeps things simple and easy to understand. Those of you who nominated Keynote recalled its history as being the presentation tool built specifically for Jobs-era Apple keynote speeches, and for being a breath of fresh air in a very PowerPoint-powered world when it came to business presentations when it launched. No honorable mentions this week, although a few of you expressed some curiosity for Microsoft's Office Sway, a new product that Microsoft recently announced that they're hoping will eventually be a complete shift in the way people create online presentations and multimedia. Sway could be a PowerPoint killer, and oddly enough, the free presentation tool is from Microsoft. When it comes to presenting and making presentations, PowToon succeeded in creating a whole new category of presentations.
Many people use Google Docs presentations to start their creation process and then switch over to more robust programs.
A quick search online shows that many of the presentations created with 280 Presentations end up on Slideshare, and other great features include auto save and recovery (also available on PowToon and Google Docs).
Prezi became very popular because it was the first to offer a real alternative to the typical slideshow format of presentations. Import as images for quick and easy sharing or import as editable files for full compatibility with SlideRocket. Online, offline or mobile you can login, access your presentations and make them available to your customers and prospects 24x7.

Easily integrate content from free public web resources like Flickr or YouTube and utilize plug-ins from Yahoo!
Easily share presentations, slides and assets across the organization to facilitate reuse and consistency while letting SlideRocket do the heavy lifting with automatic version management and content inheritance for always up to date slides.
Find the creative spark you need to realize your own project and borrow from the experience of the world's best presentation designers to get a head start. If you value your intellectual property, SlideRocket is the easiest way to effectively secure your presentations and related assets. With stunning clarity and support for full motion video, transitions and builds SlideRocket presents your slides with full fidelity so your audience sees them the same way you do.
Get high level viewing trends and individual viewing details to understand how well your presentation is performing. There are plenty of online options that work well from any computer with a web browser, whether it's your desktop, a PC at work, or a laptop on the go.
Still, earlier in the week we asked you for the best online presentation creation tools, and you gave us a bunch of great options. Similarly, the service makes creating those presentations easy, thanks to its webapp (and iPad app). If you have no idea how to license images for use in public presentations, or music, or the only tool you've ever used it PowerPoint and you don't want your slideshow to turn out like everyone else's, Haiku Deck is an elegant, easy to use alternative that handles the details for you. The service made waves when it launched years ago because it gave users the ability to create dynamic, fluid, non-linear presentations with great animations and motion effects that lend an energy to a presentation that you won't get with a static series of one-after-the-other slides. Prezi's library of templates and media lets you find inspiration and use it in your own presentation, too. If you're already familiar with tools like PowerPoint, want something familiar but simple and easy to use, Google Slides is the tool for you. Reveal.js is framework that lets you build robust slide decks and presentations using HTML or Markdown, right in your browser, so you don't have to download anything. Some of you noted the open JavaScript API makes it easy for developers to add in their own features, not to mention save their presentations anywhere they want.
It can open PowerPoint files, sports tons of templates to make designing a great-looking presentation from scratch easy, and lets you upload and add your own media, charts, graphs, and other images if you don't want to use the site's built-in editors for them.
As with most Hive Five posts, if your favorite was left out, it didn't get the nominations required in the call for contenders post to make the top five.
It’s easy to use and many users often create slides in Google Docs or PowerPoint and then import them into 280 Slides to get that fancy, fun feel. You can also export your slideshow back into PowerPoint if you want to share your presentations or have a collaborative aspect. Just publish a presentation URL and share it, embed your presentation in a web page or blog, or send an invite, all with a few simple clicks. Wherever you are SlideRocket's HTML5 viewer lets you seamlessly share presentations on any HTML5 compliant device to deliver moving presentations wherever you move. Slides made using Haiku Deck focus on imagery and graphics, with a few words per-slide, but you're free to customize your slideshows so they work best for the story you're trying to tell. It has tons of presentation options, and you have the choice to make your slideshow private, public, or restricted to a few people. Of course, with its popularity also came some overuse of those features, giving rise to some equally awful presentations that zoom and swoosh all over the screen, overusing motion effects to a dizzying degree.

You have more control, and you're not subject to someone's specific design preference for transitions or slide styles or themes. If you're enamored with the transitions, styles, themes, and presentation types you've seen in Apple keynote speeches, or you just want a good-looking alternative to something like PowerPoint, it's worth a look if you have an iCloud account. Remember, the top five are based on your most popular nominations from the call for contenders thread from earlier in the week.
We do have a free version but you are correct about having to sign up before you can use it.
You can see more than a few examples in Haiku Deck's featured presentation gallery, which gives you a quick feel for how your presentation might look if you used the service. Many of you noted that it's great for people who just want a good looking presentation but don't want to spend all day creating one. Even so, it's a highly popular tool that's all-online and free to use for anyone who wants to sign up. It's come a long way since it was introduced, but it manages to incorporate a professional look and feel along with some interesting and dynamic transitions, images, presentation themes, and other tools that make it fun and refreshing to use. It may seem like a developer's dream presentation tool, but you don't have to be one to make the most of it, or the online editor.
All of your presentations are saved in iCloud, and available on your other Apple devices (and Windows PCs.) Similarly, you can present from any computer with a web browser, which is essential to being a good online presentation tool. Haiku Deck is completely free, and your account gives you access to over 35 million images and six presentation themes to choose from (additional premium themes and images are available to purchase.) You're free to upload and use your own images as well, or import them from sites like Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Google+ Photos, and more.
It's easy to create animations, transitions, graphs and charts, or even upload and attach your own to your presentation. In this article, I’m going to show you why Powtoon is the best free presentation software and the best alternative to PowerPoint. If the free templates weren’t loading for you it may mean there is was a bug in the system or with your account. It's best used for non-linear presentations, where you may need to go back to old topics, show how multiple topics are connected, and show how details relate to a greater picture. Reveal.js makes it easy to check out those presentations on the go, on any device, or embed them in your blog or web site so people can see them when they visit. Prezi also allows you to make heavy use of images and multimedia, graphs and charts, and other original details to really make your presentation your own.
Similarly, you can just send a link out to people to view your presentation, or save a PDF of your entire slideshow so pass around that way. Best of all, if you're working on a presentation with others, like for work or a class project, you can have everyone collaborate on the presentation together at the same time.
Like we mentioned, Prezi is free (but all of your presentations will be visible to the public). If you have a Google Account, you already have access to it and don't need to sign up for anything else. If you need to use it for work, want storage for files, need privacy, want to edit offline, or want more features, there are premium plans and discounts for students and teachers available.

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