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Today marketing is a multi-faceted pursuit combining good old-fashioned salesmanship, quality content, social media, and site metrics.
Marketing Grader: this hubspot tool assesses the target site in terms of social media, SEO, lead generation, mobile compatability, and blogging and condenses the reults into an overall score. Compete: a series of analytic tools that provide insights on user behavior, overall site views, and comparison between sites.
Google Ads Display Network: a set of reporting tools that let you know which of your Google Ads get the most clicks, bring the most sales, and what your conversion rates are.
CPC ROI Calculator: this tool calculates cost-per-click ROI to help you establish how you can profitably pay for ads.

PPC Web Spy: this tool uncovers the Google AdWords keywords your competitors are using, so you know where you should compete.
Spring Metrics: two groups of tools, one focusing on e-commerce conversion, and a second focusing on social, content and coupons. On-Page Optimization Tool: a number of tools that allow you to quickly spot your metadata and important SEO content the same way a search engine spider crawls your site.
WordStream Keyword Tools: a number of tools providing related keyword ideas, negative keyword identifiers, and niche finders. YouTube Keyword Tool: Originally for videos, find related keywords that can improve your campaign performance.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Report: use this tool to identify anchor text diversity, and highlight areas where anchor text is over optimized. Hack your way to the top by working smarter, not harder at online marketing with our 50 essential online marketing tools.

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