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Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac makes beautiful home movies with your favorite video clips, images & background music. You look for the best video editing software that helps you import video, image, and sound to your Mac from whatever camera or source you have, easily join and trim what you shot, and maybe add some transitions and captions. Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac is a very easy-to-use yet powerful video editing software on Mac OS X. Coming with 50 transition effects & 50 subtitle effects, you are able to edit your videos and make movies very easily.

With iMovie, you can import video clips from external devices or from anywhere else, arrange them on a timeline, shuffle them around, and preview the results; when you're happy you can create a final video file suitable for burning to DVD or uploading to share with others. Lightworks Free has all the power of Lightworks, allowing you to export only to MPEG-4 (Web, YouTube and Vimeo) at a maximum resolution of 720p. The software allows users to log and transfer video onto a hard drive (internal or external), where it can be edited, processed, and output to a wide variety of formats. Final Cut Pro's bold philosophy of video editing will definitely take some getting used to, but in return, editors will be rewarded with blazing performance and a future where tapes are as outdated as wax cylinders.

In a word, Ephnic Moive Maker for Mac is very easy to use yet powerful enough to edit your videos and share with the world. It's a very easy-to-use video editing software to help you edit videos and make home movies.

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